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Your Travel Guide for Bavaria - Germany
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Explore Zwiesel
Regen Region,Lower Bavaria
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Coat of arms Zwiesel

Zwiesel is very famous because of the glass industry. No wonder - because production started already in 1421 in this town of now almost 10 000 people.
Visit some of the local glass works. You will find some great souvenirs at least Elizabeth the born shopper did.
Ask for direction to a very unusual glass structure made out of over 93,000 wine glasses. It is in front of the "Zwiesel Kristallglas AG" and did not exist when we came to Zwiesel.
Use the link below to see a video about this company. It is in German but it gives you an impression about their products.
Enjoy nature as we did!

Pieces of art. Hand painted glass jewelry by "Sabine Kronschnabl"

The glass pyramid in Zwiesel - many thanks to "emyu" and Wikipedia

Zwiesel surrounded by mountains and forests - many thanks to "Konrad Lackerbeck" and Wikipedia

The Lutheran Kreuszkirche - many thanks to "Konrad Lackerbeck" and Wikipedia

We were surprised to find a Lutheran church in this Catholic area. We learned that at the beginning of the 19th century Lutherans settled here and built this church years later.

The name of this place is "Bärwurzerei Hieke"

We told you already about a schnapps which is well know in the Bavarian Forest, called "Bärwurz". If you are a curious adventurous type, use the chance of your life - try it her in Zwiesel.
This friendly lady will give you free samples. Naturally, she expects that you purchase something for later consumption or as gift. We got a good supply of such souvenirs during our trips to Lower Bavaria.
Ask her about "Wolperdinger". They have some stuffed species of this rare family of typical Bavarian animals on display. More information about "Wolperdinger" are available on our site for "Upper Bavaria".
If you are still able to navigate after extensive testing, you should do some walking - not driving!
Eventually you may find your way to one of the museums. There is a "Waldmuseum" (forest museum), a glass museum and a toy museum. We recommend to get the directions before you try "Bavarian Forest schnapps".
Make a tour to the Czech Republic. It's not far away and the prices for lunch or dinner are very reasonable as we were told..

The test and sales room

However, you must not drink alcohol to enjoy Zwiesel. Depending at the season, you can go to musical presentations which range from classics to jazz to folks music.
You also can join a guided walking tour to selected destinations or relax in a spa.
If you like winter sports - Zwiesel may suit you. Even international ski sport events are held here on a regular basis.
Downhill skiing is possible for beginners as well as for experienced skiers. Cross country skiers will also find exciting trails.
Zwiesel offers a wide selection of accommodations - just check the Internet or visit the local tourist office. Don't ask us! Our visit was a few years ago, things may have changed an we even could not stay in Zwiesel. We already had booked a room outside of the town in a "Pension" which is comparable to B & B.
If you like winter sports - Zwiesel may suit you. Even international ski sport events are held here on a regular basis.
Downhill skiing is possible for beginners as well as for experienced skiers. Cross country skiers will also find exciting trails.
Zwiesel is well prepared to accommodate many guests. When ever you book one you should receive the free of charge "Zwieseler Gästekarte". This is car which offers benefits such as discounts on entry fees. Ask for details.

Zwiesel is framed by the highest mountains of the Bavarian Forest

Dog sledding is not limited to North America!

When I started to update this web site I found out that I missed something which is very important to me - to try the locally brewed "Dampfbier" what can be translated wit steam beer or better steaming beer.
I had tried smoked beer in Germany which became better as more as I tried it. I had tried "Berliner Weiße" but I think it would taste much better to me without the raspberry syrup which was added. I had "Kölsch" which is served in so tiny little glasses that you almost need a personal waiter to keep you going and not running dry.
I had beer in Japan, Indonesia and all over Europe and naturally in Canada. My latest experience there was very disgusting, It was a diet beer which I bought by accident. I could not drink it. Ice cold Tap water which I had run through a Britta filter was much better. I think this brewery forgot why people like beer. But nothing against good tasting non alcoholic beer.
Having all this beer drinking expertise I am really mad that I missed to participate in free of charge tour through the brewery an my chance to try the first "Dampfbier" in my life.

Many thanks for pictures to the Tourist Board of Bavaria and involved communities

Let's Go to Bavaria

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