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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

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German flag, tourist guide for Thuringia, Germany, tourism
Visit and explore Weimar, Thuringia
Germany - Tourism, Travel Guide
Weimar, Thuringia, coat of arms

flag Thuringia, travel guide for Thuringia, tourism, Germany

When starting with our Internet-tourist guide for Thuringia I was surprised to learn that the population of Weimar is just a little bit more than 62 000. I always believed it has much more, because it is so famous.

Weimar city hall - many thanks to Maik Schuck for the picture

Weimar was founded around 1250 and was growing relatively fast at the beginning.
Many famous artists lived and worked here. For that reason the town received the title "Die Klassikerstadt".
The long list of famous names includes:
• the painter Lucas Cranach
• Johann Sebastian Bach
• Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
• Johann Gottfried Herder
• later the writers Paul Ernst, Wilhelm von Scholz, Johannes Schlaf, Richard Dehmel, Gerhart Hauptmann, Hugo von Hoffmannsthal, Rainer Maria Rilke to name only a few
• the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche
• Henri van de Velde, an architect and designer, came from Belgium was teaching here. The school he established led to the foundation of the world famous "Bauhaus".
Ask for detailed information if you are interested in learning more about this and other famous people. You certainly can spend days in Weimar just to visit historic places and familiarize yourself. We can not replace an actual visit with our brief web site.
We only want to raise your interest.
Weimar is also known for the fact that after WWI which was lost by Germany that the so called "Weimarer Republik" was founded here.
According to my personal understanding the peace treaty and the continuously changing governments in combination with a world wide recession prepared the path for the Nazi regime under Adolf Hitler. I am very thankful, especially to the Americans, that these mistakes were not repeated after the next war which Germany lost again.
However, Weimar has to carry also another burden from the past - the concentration camp Buchenwald - which is located very close to the town on the "Ettersberg".
Please visit our web site and the official web site to which we installed a link in our brief introduction.

Weimar, Thuringia, tourism, travel guide
Bellevedere - many thanks to Maik Schuck for the picture

The "Schloßpark Belvedere" should be the target of everybody who is interested in gardens. The castle hosts today a museum and the surrounding park will surprise you.
The park was originally created by duke Ernst August in the midst of the 18 th century.

Weimar, Thuringia, tourism, travel guide
The "Weimarhalle" a state-of-the-art congress center
Many thanks to Maik Schuck for the picture

Unfortunately, we missed one event again which we wanted to see - the annual "Onion Market". You should be here at the second weekend of October to experience this 3 day event which dates back to the year 1653.
You can not only buy the onions which make nice decorations but also spices, fruits and art work. Many countries do not allow the import of any food items, so be careful.
Take lots of pictures!
The festivities include the election of a "Onion Queen" which will represent Weimar for the upcoming year.

Weimar, Thuringia, tourism, travel guide
The "Zwiebelmarkt" (onion market) - many thanks to Maik Schuck for the picture

Weimar, Thuringia, tourism, travel guide
Onions, onions, onions - many thanks to Maik Schuck for the picture

When you are interested in art, culture and sightseeing reserve at least a whole day for Weimar. Contact
Tourist Information Weimar
Markt 10
99407 Weimar
to get all information to plan your trip in detail. Otherwise you may miss something.

Weimar, Thuringia, tourism, travel guide
The Catholic "Herz Jesu Kirche" in Weimar

Weimar, Thuringia, tourism, travel guide
Visit to the "Buchenwald Memorial" im Weimar

Before you go check our brief web site as well as the official site.

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Kranichfeld, Thuringia, Weimar Region

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