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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

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tourist guide Germany
Thuringia, Germany
Thuringia tourist destination in Germany

A visit to the "Thüringentherme" a health spa and sport facility in Mühlhausen, Thuringia

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We never left the water when we went changed from the indoor pool to the outdoor pool or reverse. This is not only great fun but especially in winter it is very comfortable.
The outdoor area was beautifully designed and provided privacy. It was very quiet and the air was clean. With a convenient location of the spa close to downtown we were surprised to find outdoor facilities which can almost compete with those of a spa in the country side.
But we loved it and we met a nice lady who told us many things how life changed in Mühlhausen after the unification of Germany. It was very interesting. Unfortunately she had to leave because her paid time for using the spa was over.

Muehlhausen, Mühlhausen, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
At certain times the jets will start in the round pool and give you a nice massage of your back, your neck or wherever you need it. Avoid to use it on your belly!

Muehlhausen, Mühlhausen, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
The "bridge" is not intended to walk on. You should use it for exercises to strengthen your arm muscles by pulling you up. If you fall down, the water will not hurt you!

There are two outdoor whirlpools. We had also a nice talk with a lady from Mühlhausen in one of them.

Muehlhausen, Mühlhausen, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
Elizabeth loves hot tubs, we came back several times

Muehlhausen, Mühlhausen, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
As you see Elizabeth is having fun in the hot water. Her back pain was almost gone before we went back to Canada.

Muehlhausen, Mühlhausen, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
No spa with a "Strömungskanal" where at certain times strong water jets challenge you to try to swim against the strong current. Most people quit and just float around and around until the jet stops..

Muehlhausen, Mühlhausen, health spa, Thuringia, tourism

We were aware that we had only limited time available for our visit of the "Thüringentherme" in Mühlhausen.
We normally would also not take any cameras to this part of any spa because the dress code is "no bathing suit at all, just nude". For that reason many thanks for the pictures to the spa.
Because of the beautiful weather, we decided to spend the remaining time in the pool area and not in the sauna which has a very good reputation.
I believe that in winter at freezing temperatures it will be a very unique experience to go in an outdoor sauna! I know this is practised in Finland but I never tried that.
Muehlhausen, Mühlhausen, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
Get used to used a "border free" sauna in Europe

Muehlhausen, Mühlhausen, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
Muehlhausen, Mühlhausen, health spa, Thuringia, tourism

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Travel Guide ThuringiaPage 1 Page 2

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