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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

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tourist guide Germany
Thuringia, Germany
Thuringia tourist destination in Germany

A visit to the "Tabbs" a health spa in Tabarz, Thuringia

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We decided that we must not stick together all the time. Elizabeth liked to get tanned in the sun, I always prefer to be out of it.
Because of the huge size of the spa and it was also on a work day it was pleasant that it was not over crowded with people. It was also very quiet. No blasting radios or TV's not screaming and yelling. The kids were kids without fighting each other or making excessive noise. No littering. It was a very relaxing afternoon.
I talked to the very friendly "Bademeister". He is responsible for good behavior of all guests and takes care when help is needed. He told me about all the courses which are offered and the different treatments for beauty and health. It is an almost never ending list. Starting with normal massages up to different kind of treatments with oils algae etc. If you are interested just ask for the actual treatments being offered.

Tabarz, health spa, Thuringia, tourim
Everything nice and clean

Tabarz, health spa, Thuringia, tourim
The heated outdoor pool

Tabarz, health spa, Thuringia, tourim
The outdoor area and the water slides
Tabarz, health spa, Thuringia, tourim
Elizabeth coming down one the water slide!

Tabarz, health spa, Thuringia, tourim
I am still looking to find such a place in Ontario
Tabarz, health spa, Thuringia, tourim
The cows had a good time too

After staying quiet a while outside I felt the urge for ice cream.
I got a really delicious one at the "Bistro".
I am not sure wether smoking is banned in the "Tabbs" today. If not it should be. Luckily I did not see any smokers. I am aware that the government wants finally to follow other counties in banning smoking in many places. But each party is afraid to lose voters and the restaurants to loose customers. I always ask them why do you not allow your guests to bring their own drinks or food but cigarettes? People should spend their money in your place and if they do not smoke they have more to spend.
After having enjoyed the ice cream I decided to have more exercises. I went back to the main pool and went toe the ":Strömungskanal" where a strong jet pushed me through the channel. It is just wide enough to spread your arms which allows you to swim against the strong current.

Tabarz, health spa, Thuringia, tourim
The "Bistro" where you can buy drinks and snacks

The children's pool

Tabarz, health spa, Thuringia, tourim
Here are the kids!

Tabarz, health spa, Thuringia, tourim
Here is Elizabeth swimming numerous laps

Tabarz, health spa, Thuringia, tourim
The so called "Sole-Therapiebecken" which is filled with salt water. The temperature is 36° C. Special therapies are offered. You must book that extra.

div align="center">Tabarz, health spa, Thuringia, tourim
A little one is learning to swim. Did you know that you can get special water tight diapers? I did not and we will check availability in Canada.
Tabarz, health spa, Thuringia, tourim
A view from upstairs were the tanning equipment is located

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Thuringia, wining and dining - a guide

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Travel Guide ThuringiaPage 1 Page 2

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