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Ensign Seeon - Seebruck

Lake Chiemsee was one of our favorite destinations when we went on a day trip. Seebruck is located on the northern shore of this Bavarian lake.
A short drive further north brought us to Seon on the tiny little "Klostersee".
We were impressed by the sight of the monastery which is squeezed on a on a lush green peninsula.. It has a long history which goes back to the year 994. It was rebuilt and renovated a couple of times.
Kloster Seeon
Kloster Seeon - many thanks for this picture

After the secularization at the beginning of the 19th. century it was used for different purposes. Today it is a cultural and educational center as well as a tourist attraction. We did not visit it and the little chapel is not open to the public.
You will learn that the famous musician and composer Mozart occasionally stayed here and enjoyed the home brew.
Seeon itself offers a wide variety of accommodation and excellent dining cuisine.
Tourists come to enjoy not only the warm water of the lake for swimming in summer but in winter the frozen lake to practice their curling and skating skills.
Seeon and Seebruck were two separate communities in the Chiemgau that merged to optimize administration.

Seeon, the former monastery - many thanks to "Schmidti" and Wikipedia

Seeon - many thanks to "Günter Wieschendahl" and Wikipedia

Seebruck is well known for its museum called "Bedaium" which is dedicated to the Romans who once ruled all the country. You will find artifacts used by the Romans for their daily living.
Please reserve some time to go back in history and you will be amazed at what you will learn. Seebruck is considered to be one of most explored location  of the Old Romans in Bavaria.

Because Seebruck is directly located on the Chiemsee and offers not only many varieties of water sports but also biking, hiking, horse back riding, tennis and mini golf.
Don't miss the enjoyment of a relaxing cruise on the Chiemsee. It is really worth the well spent time.
Explore the local restaurants try also none Bavarian food - you may be surprised. It is different to what I experienced in North America, much more authentic.

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