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Your Travel Guide for Bavaria - Germany
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Explore Schwangau
Ostallgäu Region, Swabia
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Bavaria, tourism, travel guide

The municipality of Schwangau includes today the following villages: Alterschrofen, Brunnen, Erlisholz, Hohenschwangau, Horn, Mühlberg und Waltenhofen. Just check above Google Map. It has a population of a little bit over 3000.
Schwangau is still a village. You will not find high raised buildings, flashing lights and disturbing things which would destroy the peaceful atmosphere.
What you will find is clean air, hospitality, real country live, picturesque breathtaking surroundings, little hotels, "Pensionen" (bed & breakfast) and "Gasthöfe" (guest houses).
Naturally everything is tailored for tourism and you should compare prices.

Schwangau is called the village with three castles*.
Who doesn't know the famous castle "Neuschwanstein" in Schwangau? But what about the other ones?
Elizabeth has visited many castles which our famous Bavarian King Ludwig II has left us. She went with a good friend on several tours to see them all. To quote her "it is like being in a fairy tale".
I must admit that I never have been in the castle Neuschwanstein. I tried to do so but we arrived late and Elizabeth told me that we should walk because the walk promises unbelievable scenery.
It was really a beautiful but not an easy tour. When we arrived on the top of the mountain, we found all doors locked because we were too late.
I told myself, I will try it again - but we never did we were called back to Canada. If you want to hike - this is where good walking shoes are a must. The rewards will be worth the extra sweat.
Transportation is also provided if you are afraid to get too exhausted. If we ever come back I will do that and arrive in time!

Castle Neuschwanstein

* Our last visit to Schwangau was a few years ago. According to what I remember the three castles are: Castle Neuschwanstein, Castle Hohenschwangau and Castle Bullachberg.
When I checked the Google Map I found two castles with the name "Castle Hohenschwangau" in it. I am trying no to find out what is correct.

Neuschwanstein - many thanks to "Cezary Piwowarski" and Wikipedia

Most Bavarians love King Ludwig II even when he spent a fortune of tax payers money on his various residences.
I think the taxes were well invested for Bavaria in a long run. They are paid back today and what would Bavaria be without these treasure from the 19 th century?
You will find the castle Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau very close to each other. However, the castle Hohenschwangau was not built by King Ludwig II.

King Ludwig II did not have a bad taste

Crown Prince Maximilian - King Ludwig's father - had discovered during a hiking tour ruins of a castle which were located in this beautiful area. They were remains of the former "Burg Schwanstein" which can be tracked back to the 12th century.
He decided to purchase these ruins and to build a new castle in which he wanted to live. This happed between 1833 and 1837.
Maximilan got married and spent quiet a bit time with his wife here. We could understand him - we loved it too.

Later, king Ludwig's friend Richard Wagner, a famous composer was a frequent guest in this place.

Marienbrücke - many thanks to "Robert Böck" and Wikipedia

The "Marienbrücke" was replacement for an older bridge. King Ludwig II ordered its construction and for its time it was a complete new design.
It spans over a ravine called the "Pöllatschlucht".
The bridge was renovated in the year 1984 so it should be still save when you come for a visit.

Hohenschwangau - many thanks to "Allie Caulfield" and Wikipedia

As you can see the village Hohenschwangau is very attractive. No wonder that many visitors come to this place which did everything to welcome them. I read that about two million people are expected now every year.
You can easily reach the castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau from here. The Schwansee and the Alpsee are additional attractions.
If you want to know more about the history of this castle check the Internet or visit it and collect all information there.
Many people believe that the later King Ludwig II started dreaming of castles which he wanted to built when he lived in Hohenschwangau.

Hohenschwangau - many thanks to "SB68Manm" and Wikipedia

Hohenschwangau - many thanks to "Tony Castle" and Wikipedia

Believe me it was a busy day for us when we visited Schwangau. We had spend to much time with sightseeing and started too late with our tour to the castle Neuschwanstein.
At least Elizabeth had seen it before with her friends.
We should have stayed over nigh, but I had to go back to work next day - we came on a Sunday.
During this visit we were not aware of a third castle which is called "Castle Bullachberg". We learned about it after we were back in Zorneding.
I still can not consider it to be a castle - it looks more like a mansion to me. People were still living in it and it was not open to the public. So I did not feel bad at all to have missed it. We respect the privacy of other people.
What we would today is find a reasonable priced accommodation and spend a few days here.
Both of us would certainly spend a whole day in the "Königliche Kristall-Therme Schwangau". This is a real spa were you can recover from different aches and if you think you need some restoration of your appearance all kind of treatments to achieve that are offered.

Castle Hohenschwangau

Hohenschwangau - many thanks to "Lokilech" and Wikipedia

Castle Bullachberg - many thanks to "K-H Lipp" and Wikipedia

We installed links to a few videos which give a good overview what to expect in the spa and what you can do here. If you act smart you must not declare bankruptcy after your holidays in Bavaria.. We always watched how we spent our money and never had the feeling that we missed something which we liked.
Menus are posted outside of hotels and restaurants which is not the case in Canada and the prices include taxes and gratuities. But please leave a small tip if you were happy with the service.
We had a nice little break in the place shown in the left picture.
have you ever heard about "Nordic Walking"? Whenever you see people walking with two special poles they are "Nordic Walkers", Try it. Elizabeth did so in Bad Salzach in Thuringia. At first there was no coordination between her legs and her hands with poles. But after a few trials she looked almost like a trained "Nordic Walkers" and she had fun. Try it too here in Schwangau!

Watch the video "Schwangau, Germany: Fairy Tale Castle":

Watch the video "Schwangau, Dorf der Königsschlösser ":

Watch the video "Saunavideo Schwangau (Bayern)":

Many thanks for pictures to the Tourist Board of Bavaria and involved communities

Let's Go to Bavaria

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