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Your Travel Guide for Bavaria - Germany
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German flag, tourist guide for Bavaria, Germany, tourism
The Schwandorf Region
Germany, Bavaria, Upper Palatinate
Tourism, Travel Guide

Bavaria, tourism, travel guide

Coat of arms Schwandorf region

Map of the Schwandorf Region:

German people love forests and they love water. Naturally you can't compare these lakes with the Great Lakes or the lakes we have up North in Canada.
After the end of the open mining period in the Upper Palatinate water filled up the disgusting left over's and a myriad of lakes converted the former industrial fields in attractive tourist destinations.
Some of them are now surrounded by forests and the water is clean. The "Steinberger See" which I show below is one of the largest and located close to Schwandorf.
Non motorized water sport, fishing, hiking, biking, horse back riding or just having a good time by relaxing has become very popular.
Clean rivers and creeks invite fishermen and boaters. Ask for rentals!
Nature is always good for your mind

Despite all that the Schwandorf Region became the richest one in the Upper Palatinate. I was really surprised after I saw all the changes which occurred over the years.
Culture is another attraction of this area. We never could count all the castles or the remaining ruins of them, the museums, the numerous churches and events.

Fishing is getting more popular - but check for a permit before you start

The Steinberger See - many thanks to "Thomas Kniess" and Wikipedia

Visit Bruck and stop at the "Mappacher Heimat- und Bauernmuseum".
See how Bavarians lived and worked in the past. If you like it, don't worry there are more museums in this region - just ask at any tourist office.
We always enjoyed to visit such places in Thuringia, in Ontario and in Newfoundland-Labrador.
Walk around in Bruck, using one of the walking trails. If you are still not tired and you want some company, go to the "Freizeitzentrum" (sports complex). You can play tennis, do some "summer curling", try Bavarian bowling - we had lots of fun!
We loved the little medieval town "Neunburg vorm Wald" and its surroundings. The town is located on a small river called the "Schwarzach". Unfortunately, I could not find more free pictures on the Internet to replace ours which we lost during a break in and we never made it back.
We regretted that we could not stay here for few days and watch an event about the so called "Hussenkrieg". The Hussites stood up against the Catholic church and the pope. They recognized and followed only the bible. Their Czech leader Jan Hus was sentenced to death and burned alive. This caused in Bohemia an uprise which spread.

At the "Mappacher Museum"

Neunburg vorm Wald - the place for horseback riding and much, much more

Use the link to a short video about the play in "Neunburg vorm Wald".
If you are here in the summer time, ask about the schedule of a special performance which takes place in the local castle. It brings back the time when looting followers of the reformer Jan Hus where faced by a local defense force. Don't forget your camera equipment!
But we explored the town, had good food and loved the surrounding nature with all the little lakes. The area with the lakes is called the "Oberpfälzer Seenland".

Burglengenfeld - many thanks to "Peter Bubenik" and Wikipedia

Burglengenfeld is nicely located at the banks of the river "Naab". The name indicates already that this town has a "Burg" which means a castle.
We were tired from some sightseeing which we had done before and I was hungry. Elizabeth told me that she is fine and that I should not eat so much.
I told her that I am born to eat and you are born to shop.
After having found a parking spot in downtown we checked the posted menus of restaurants and suddenly her appetite came back. She ordered one of the local specialities. I was "Hasenpfeffer" which is some kind of stew of wild rabbit. I am not keen on deer etc. so I had a Cordon Bleu - Schnitzel filled with cheese and ham and French fries, some peas and beer.
After that we walked through the old part of the town and took pictures which I do not have any more.

The fountain on the market place - many thanks to "Peter Bubenik" and Wikipedia

We had spent some excessive time at the place where we had lunch. I think not too many Canadians had found their way to this place.
We were surprised to see above fountain where again a dragon slaying scene was displayed. How many dragons lived in former time in the Upper Palatinate?
Not knowing that I would be called back to Canada we decided to come back to the Upper Palatinate just to visit certain places. Burglengenfeld was one of those.
For that reason wee took it easy and did not visit the impressing castle.

Burglengenfeld with the castle Lengenfeld - many thanks to "Stefan Riepl" and Wikipedia

The "Naab" - many thanks to "Avarim" and Wikipedia

Following the river "Naab" we came to Nabburg and became excited again. Again a little town with the name "Burg" in it,
We decided to stay here over night and look for an accommodation. Our mini vacations should not become stressful and I cannot make jokes about people "doing" all of Europe in a few days and trying to compete against them.

Nabburg town wall - many thanks to "Martin Geisler Naturpark Oberpfälzer and Wikipedia

This little town of with a population of about 6000 is located in the "Naturpark Oberpfälzer Naturpark Oberpfälzer Wald" and was another surprise for us.
Not as crowded as many places in Upper Bavaria or Swabia and no big mountains. Instead we found beautiful forests, clean creeks and rivers, lakes and ponds. A perfect place to enjoy nature and relax without spending too much money.
The little river "Pfreimd" ends here in the river "Naab"

Nabburg - many thanks to "Martin Geisler" and Wikipedia

Pfreimd - many thanks to "Alois Köppl" and Wikipedia

Each Christian country that I know has still events which have nothing to do with Christianity, but some of them became big business or tourist attractions.
They date back to unknown times, but most of them can also be considered as fun.
So don't think bad if we tell you that a "Geisterwanderung" (ghost walking tour) is offered in "Nittenau". During this evening you will be guided to various spooky places in the valley of the river "Regen". As I heard, it is lots of fun.
Nittenau witches
The "witches" from Nittenau

Watch the video "Nittenau":

Many thanks for some of the pictures to the Tourist Board of Bavaria and involved communities

Let's Go to Bavaria

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