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Your Travel Guide for Bavaria - Germany
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Explore Schneizlreuth-Weißbach
Berchtesgaden Region,Upper Bavaria
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ensign Schneizlreuth-Weißbach

The name Schneizlreuth was a funny tongue twister for Elizabeth and I had to admit it sounded funny when she tried unsuccessfully to pronounce it properly. It came out "Snitzelrooth".
Friends from our walking club told us about this area for hiking. Unfortunately, we never came with the club but tried it on our own and as usual, we should have had much more time for exploring.
If you are a hiker or walker, this is a good place to come to.
Definitely you should go through the "Weißbachschlucht" (Weißbach creek valley ) and enjoy the scenery. You will be amazed to see how, after many years, the waters have carved out the rock.
I have no intentions to translate given names. All signs are using the original German names and you would never find anything.

The "Weißbachschlucht" - many thanks to Richard Oberneder

The "Weißbachfälle" - many thanks to Dieter Horn from the Tourist Info Schneizlreuth

Our advise to you is to get a little map with all the details and descriptions so you do not miss anything of interest, such as the "Gletschergarten" (glacier garden).
After your walk, your appetite will be satisfied at one of the many restaurants in this village.
If you are an adventurous type, check out white water rafting, right here in Schneizlreuth.

I think it is great fun!

"Schneizlreuth/Weißbach a.d. Alpenstraße" how it is called officially has a population of about 1500.
I think it can be considered mainly as an attraction for nature lovers. All kind of accommodations are provided, but we never stayed her over night. We did not live too far away.
We realized that our walking club had given us a good advise to visit Schneizlreuth-Weißbach and missed the nice company of them. Even an Englishman was a member and became "Bavarianized".
Certainly,all of us would have hiked to one of the "Alms".
"Alms" are mountain pastures where the cattle is kept during the summer to enjoy the healthy grass. The cottages where the care takers of the cattle live are attractions for hikers. Most of them offer meals and the also beer and other refreshments.
Watch the video on this page it shows a brief scene of hikers at the "Harbachalm" in Weißbach. The video will also help to inspire you with ideas what to do in this region.

The Harbach Alm - many thanks to Dieter Horn from the Tourist Info Weißbach

Hike to the Bichler Alm - many thanks to Dieter Horn from the Tourist Info Weißbach

A festival in Schneizlreuth - many thanks to Dieter Horn from the Tourist Info Weißbach

We always recommend that you visit a local tourist office to collect information or ask for specific advise. You will find the local one in Weißbach. They were extremely helpful to me and I am confident that they will also do everything for you.
To find a nice accommodation in a smaller pale has certainly also advantages and all the well know attractions are close by.
We always enjoyed some personal contact in pensions ( b & b). We learned little things which you will not always find in any tourist guide and which are often not even advertised.
Elizabeth had in Germany fun to practice her German or having fun with kids who were learning English at school. Good memories are very often more lasting than any thing else.
But still take many pictured - they are a great help. I got a proof by updating this travel guide.
Haus des Gastes, a restaurant in Weißbach - many thanks to Dieter Horn from the Tourist Info Weißbach

As I already stated several times Germans and especially Bavarians love to have fun and to celebrate all kind of events. Wherever we went we saw younger and older people enjoying these festivities together. There is traditional music and newer music.
We participated in many of these local parties. The standard drink is naturally beer and Elizabeth was not afraid to try some of the offered specialities. She even became addicted to some of them I had to prepare them for her in Canada. One of her favorites is "Obatzter".
There are various recipes. My favorite one is to use very ripe Camembert cheese, onions, sweet butter, some pepper, red sweet paprika powder and caraway seed. Occasionally I add one raw egg. Then I put everything in a blender and out came my "Obatzter". You eat it with good German bread or a real pretzel - not these soft buttered things which we get in Canada. Add a beer and you have a typical Bavarian "Brotzeit". A "Brotzeit" is a small meal which you can have at any time.

"Obatzter" - many thanks to Rainer Z. and Wikipedia

Kids are performing - many thanks to Dieter Horn from the Tourist Info Weißbach

Church in Schneizlreuth - many thanks to Dieter Horn from the Tourist Info Weißbach
Don't hesitate to participate in a church service. We did that -even when Elizabeth could not understand too much. But this happened to me also in Canada - one of our pastors speaks faster than I cane hear and I think you do not have a problem figuring out what happens to me.
Normally you will find a restaurant close to a church. Years back and not having transportation this was a good marketing decision.
There is no restaurant close to our church in Welland and most church goer's will stay away from beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages. Visit one of the monasteries in Bavaria and learn what the monks do besides praying - some make the best beer you can get! Jesus did not turn water to grape juice, he turned it to wine!

Church in Weißbach - many thanks to Dieter Horn from the Tourist Info Weißbach

The "Kurpark" in Schneizlreuth - many thanks to Dieter Horn from the Tourist Info Weißbach

Watch a brief video about Schneizlreuth:

Watch another video about the Berchtesgaden Region (it shows also what to expect on an "Alm":

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