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Explore Schleching, Upper Bavaria
Germany, Tourism, Travel Guide

Bavaria, tourism, travel guide

Ensign Schleching

Schleching is an excellent example of the small Bavarian village Elizabeth found so drawing and attractive. She still reminisces about the good time she had visiting an Amish farm in Ontario.
She is never tired of seeing scrubbed clean cattle, the typical Bavarian houses complete with the flowers, the smiling kids playing their games and - of course the coffee shops with her specialty cheese cake.


Whenever we came upon a local event or celebration we tried to stop and to participate.
For Elizabeth everything was so different to Canada and she was never shy to try her new learned German. People normally enjoyed that an we felt welcome.
Even though my wife is normally a shopping monster we only purchased the most unique little articles that would be a reminder of such momentous days.
Every stop was usually combined at least with the visit of a bake shop or a "Konditorei" which offers all kind of cakes, pies and torts, Cheese cake or &qury;exotic" fruit cakes with currants, goose berries etc. were her favorite with the strong German coffee.
She did not like that no free refills were offered anywhere. Every cup was charged!
Christkindlmarkt in Schleching
Christkindelmarkt in Schleching
Sometimes we just watched

We travelled less during winter. So we unfortunately missed a well known event in Schleching - a race of horse drawn sleights.
Elizabeth does not love it cold. To keep herself warm in winter she needed various layers of clothing and she never rejected to join all the people drinking hot "Glühwein" (mulled wine). In Bavaria and Austria that is normally red spiced wine very often enforced wit rum. You can buy it during events on stands and walk with it around. You must not enjoy it in a fenced in area! "Don't fence me in!" is practised im most of Europe.
This is only one of the events which take place here.
Watch the video below to get an impression.
Visit or contact the local tourist office for actual information.

Something we missed

Schleching - many thanks to "Rufus46" and Wikipedia

Regular as clockwork every Thursday evening we met with our friends from the "Wanderers Group" in Zorneding. We talked about Canada, about personal things and naturally about nice areas where to walk. This was when one of Elizabeth's friends had mentioned Schleching the first time to us. We used many of the tips which we got during those meetings. Lizzie's Bavarian improved very fast by having fun with all the friendly people and the help of good beer and occasionally something stronger. Don't be afraid to try something completely unknown to you. However, drinking and driving laws are very strict.

Schleching Streichenkapelle - many thanks to "Rufus46" and Wikipedia
We learned that Schleching is noted as a hikers haven with its well maintained trails which include walks through the surrounding mountains.
If you do not feel the urge to hike there are many other things to fill your days such as canoeing on the "Tiroler Ache", fly fishing, skiing, curling and much more depending of the weather and of the season.
People who aren't the athletic adventurous type can make use of a chair lift that takes them from Ettenhausen to the "Wuhrsteinalm" - a beautiful conservation area.
Even without doing any major activities explore also the Bavarian cuisine. Forget about hamburgers and hot dogs. Try also ethnic restaurants in Germany and find out the differences to those in your country!

Schleching before an event

Church and "Gasthof" are very close
I had a good lunch there

I am not a catholic but don't miss to visit churches in Bavaria

I was working after our return to Canada and had to go to Germany on a short business trip on my own.
I used this opportunity to visit Schleching again. It was a Saturday and preparation for an event took place.
I parked my little rental car and strolled around without Elizabeth.
I even visited the local church where Elizabeth had previously spend time on the cemetery. I took some pictures of the interior of the church especially for Elizabeth. But most of them got lost during the break in.
As usual very close to the church was a typical Bavarian "Gasthof". Naturally I had a delicious dinner in this restaurant which also provided accommodations.
I spend some leisurely time there by talking to other guests who shared my table. I did not book a room - the company had already made the required arrangements close to Munich.
So I used the beautiful weather to explore the surroundings. I missed Elizabeth and was worried about her because she was scheduled for a surgery in Canada.

Watch the video "Pferdeschlittenrennen Schleching 2010 Haflinger und Kaltblut Trab Zweispänner ":

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