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Your Travel Guide for Bavaria - Germany
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Explore the Weilheim-Schongau Region
Upper Bavaria, Germany
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Bavaria, tourism, travel guide

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Civic arms Weilheim - Schongau region

Map Weilheim-Schongau Region

This region is well know under the name "Paffenwinkel" (priest's corner) and aptly so because of the numerous monasteries and churches in this vicinity. This area is blessed with natural beauty which the founding fathers must have realized by the papal hierarchy. The name has been used for over two hundred years.
The whole area is mainly farmland. In season we sampled some locally grown veggies and fruits.

It is a pleasure snaking through the beautiful country side on the well maintained roads.
We spent much time walking carefully in the field lands.
The farmers are well accustomed to walkers and their respect for the environment. That is why most of the land is not fenced in.
Even when you are not catholic visit Hohenpeißemnberg. Climb up the mountain end enjoy the panoramic sight on the surrounding mountains. Many visitors do that. You will find there a monastery and an observatory which was founded at the end of the 18th century.
Learn something more about the history. It was here when 1525 local farmers stood up against those from Swabonia who joined the pheasants war.
During the secularization in the 19th century much damage was done to many of the churches and other Christian institutions.

Hohenpeißenberg - many thanks to "Thmsfrst" and Wikipedia

Hohenpeißenberg - many thanks to "Thmsfrst" and Wikipedia
The pilgrimage church of the Assumption and an old school

Wieskirche in Steingaden - many thanks to "Immanuel Giel" and Wikipedia
Wieskirche in Steingaden - many thanks to "Mattana" and Wikipedia

Wieskirche in Steingaden - many thanks to "papa1234" and Wikipedia

Wieskirche Weilheim Schongau region
"Wieskirche" protected by the UNESCO
The "Wieskirche" was built for a pilgrimage and must be seen, even when you belong to another religion. It is a landmark and some of the best artists were involved in its interior decoration and paintings.
It was built between 1745 and 1754 (See Wikipedia). Millions have been spent since that in renovations and it is now also used for concerts.
Please check the Internet I am not a researcher and could only copy information.

Again and again I had to stop so Elizabeth could admire the very clean, immaculate cattle. I had to agree that it looked much healthier than cows which we have seen close to Fort Erie. But that was an exception. in other areas of Ontario we saw also happy cows.
The picture on the left was given us from a local horse show. Many thanks.
Elizabeth is still a little bit afraid of horses.
Farmers still proudly present their horses

Don't forget - we are in the "Paffenwinkel" and we faced many churches. Naturally, we visited only a few of them.
This Basilica in Altenstadt was built around 1200. It is very interesting to see! So don't miss it.
Altenstadt itself is a small village and unfortunately I could not find anything more about it in Elizabeth's notes.
But certainly you will find a place there to recover after all the sightseeing.

The Romanic Basilica in Altenstadt

Many thanks for some of the pictures to the nice people from Weilheim and the Tourist Board of Bavaria

Let's go to Bavaria

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