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Your Travel Guide for Bavaria - Germany
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Explore the Starnberg Region, Upper Bavaria
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Ensign Starnberg Region

Map of the Starnberg Region:

The region of Starnberg is a popular playground and getaway for many "Munichonians" (Elizabeth came up with that word, meaning residents of Munich).
The main reason is the magnetic pull of endless hours engaging in water sports or just the leisurely pastime of lounging by the causeway. In addition you can use the public transportation system to travel from Munich to this blessed area.
We came with our car and encircled most the time the whole lake. We went swimming in the clear warm water and had always a good time even when it was sometimes very crowded.
No litter - everybody cleaned up before leaving. Naturally, we did not only spend time on the beach - we always did some sightseeing and enjoyed lunch or dinner, sometimes
Elizabeth loved the cozy, picturesque villages and the Bavarian churches were always an attraction for her. We are not Catholics and when she attended a service she could not understand anything.
Bernried Hofmarkkirche - many thanks to "Rufus46" and Wikipedia

Lake Starnberg - many thanks to "Alexander Z." and Wikipedia

At the beach
Not unusual to find!
Wind surfing and sailing are very popular on Lake Starnberg. Swimmers can feel save - the water is clean and no motor boats are allowed.
It is second in size to Lake Chiemsee in Upper Bavaria.
The maximum depth is 127 meters or 415 feet.
The Starnberger See, the Ammersee, the Weßlinger See, the Pilsen See and the Wörthsee See form together the "Five Lake District".
Undoubtedly, you can't compare the size of our Bavarian lakes to that of the Great Lakes in North America.

If you want to go to one of the public beaches, you should try to arrive early in the morning because parking is at premium and it may be difficult to locate a nice spot close to the water.
Topless bathing is an acceptable practice in all of Germany - so you have been forewarned.

Old city hall in Krailling - many thanks to "Rufus46" and Wikipedia

Have you seen the movie "The Boat"? It was made based on a book written by Lothar-Günther Buchheim. It is called "Museum of Phantasy" and was opened 2001 in Bernried. It is very unique and we would visit it again. I would also purchase another book.
Lothar-Günther Buchheim died in 2007.

The Buchheim Museum (Museum of Phantasy) in Bernried - many thanks to "Bernhard J. Scheuvens" and Wikipedia

There have been many extensive measures taken to prevent environmental damage. This includes restrictions when big apartment buildings and grandiose hotels want to be built. As on other lakes, the use of motor boats is limited with a few exceptions to life guards.
If the weather is not suitable for swimming or sunbathing, you can walk or ride a bicycle. Well kept trails will make this easy for you.
A pleasant surprise are expensive-looking houses where many German millionaires live.
Explore the "Five Lake District". Don't rush, check for a suitable accommodation and have fun. Collect actual information before you start your tours - we live now in Canada and cannot continuously upkeep our site.
Around Tutzing

Watch a video about the Starnberg Region:

Watch a video about Bavarian hiking from Tutzing to Andechs:

Watch a video about Lake Starnberg and Seeshaupt:

Many thanks for the pictures to the nice people from the Starnberg region and the Tourist Board of Bavaria

Let's go to Bavaria

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