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Your Travel Guide for Bavaria - Germany
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Explore the Regen Region
Lower Bavaria
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Coat of arms Regen region

Map of the Regen Region:

The Regen Region is worth exploring in detail. We wanted to come back because we got the feeling that we missed many things. But unexpected we were called back to Canada and did some exploration here. this again.
Whether you want to see glass works, nature, ruins of old castles, be active or just want to relax and have a good time. All this can be done here in the Bavarian Forest.
We found the community "Geiersthal" which consists of 32 tiny little villages and ask for directions to the ruins of the castle "Altnußberg" which dates back to the 12th century.
Follow our footsteps and visit it. We spend a few hours there. First we did some sightseeing and than we were attracted by the "Burgschänke" (tavern).
Castle Altnussberg
The ruins of the castle "Altnußberg" in Geiersthal

We were sitting outside on the patio and had coffee and home made cake. We shared the table with other visitors what is normal in Germany and the owners of restaurants and coffee shops love this custom. You only have to ask wether the chairs are not already taken or reserved.
Don't miss to go through the tiny little museum.

Ruhmannsfelden - many thanks to "Aconcagua" and Wikipedia

Der Riesbach close to Bodenmais - many thanks to "Avarim" and Wikipedia

The "Silberberg" close to Bodenmais - many thanks to "Steffen Zahn" and Wikipedia

The "evangelische St. Johanneskirche" in Bodenmais - many thanks to "Konrad Lackerbeck" and Wikipedia
We came to Bodenmais and spent some time here. We were surprised to find a Lutheran church in this Catholic area. Bodenmais is a relatively small community which obviously lives mainly from tourism.
The surroundings are really beautiful. In Bodenmais we visited a place where you can try your own glass blowing and naturally by souvenirs. This seemed to be the only real little industry.
We had naturally not enough time to climb the "Silberberg" or even use the chair lift. For that reason we also missed to visit the old silver mine there which dates back hundreds of years. Even a health therapy is now offered there. We should have spend a few weeks in this area!
Please use the installed link to a video!
North of Lindberg we parked our car in Zwieslerwaldhaus. Again our little American built Dodge raised attention. In Germany it was considered to be at least a mid size car. It was an older couple who approached us in English because I was talking in English to Elizabeth.

They asked us after a while wether we were on our way to the "Schwellhäusl". I changed to German and told them I never heard about this place.
)They told us that they were always walking to this place because they liked it so much. A cozy beer garden with a restaurant, many animals and not too far away. They asked us to join them and that it would be a nice walk along a creek though forest.
Elizabeth was immediately when she heard about the animals an I about the beer garden.
Elizabeth took her little rucksack out of the car me only the camera and we started. We still did not have an accommodation and our companions told us that we should stay in Bayrisch Eisenstein which was very close. They even gave us a few names of places.
We did not regret this little expedition and the "Schwellhäusl" was something which you do not find too often.
As you know I lost all most all of my pictures fro Bavaria and I could not find any free ones which show the beer garden or the guest room, but I could install a link to a video which shows some details about the place and the way to it.

The "Schwellhäusl" a guest house close to Zwieslerwaldhaus
Many thanks to "MdE (de)" and Wikipedia

For people living in crowded central Europe nature is always an attraction. Most people are willing to support the efforts to keep the environment clean and to preserve habitats of animals.
Billions have been invested cleaning up lakes, rivers and areas with hazardous waste. For that reason it is not surprising that the Bavarian Forest with its relatively low population and unspoiled forests, is the preferred destination of nature lovers.
The "Höllensteinsee" is an artificial lake which is used for an electrical power plant. You can find it close to Viechtach on your way to Bad Kötzting. As you can see the lake is surrounded by forests. We were told that you can see rare plants and animals there.
We decided to come back because plants and animals are an attraction for Elizabeth. You can find a proof in our other travel guides including the German one for Newfoundland-Labrador where she went alone, because my walking became really bad.
The "Höllensteinsee" (hell stone lake)

Watch the video "Bodenmais":

Many thanks for some of the pictures to the Tourist Board of Bavaria and involved communities

Let's Go to Bavaria

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