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Your Travel Guide for Bavaria - Germany
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Explore the Passau Region
Lower Bavaria
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Bavaria, tourism, travel guide

Map Passau Region

We had explored Eastern Bavaria which consists of the districts Upper Palatinate and Lower Bavaria by doing several trips.
The main attraction was always the Bavarian Forest which is shared by both districts.
However, Elizabeth and me loved also many of the other places which had seen as well as the nature.
You will find many things to see an to do in an relaxing environment with pristine forests, crystal clear creeks and small lakes, as well a culture, tradition, and events.

Have you ever visited a Western town in Germany? It is fun!
Just drive to "Eging am See " and ask for the Pullman City

We had visited this attraction in the Passau Region and learned that they are financial problems now. When we were there it was crowded during daytime.
We had fun in a similar place close to Munich where we went in the evening. We went there in a "real" Western bar where many of the guests came fully dressed up including rifles. We paid with special dollars which we had to purchase before.
Attractive ladies were dancing a cancan on stage and Elizabeth was also performing there together with an "original" western singer. I made even a video and took pictures - but everything was lost with my computer.
At the end of this page I installed a link to a video about "Pullman City". Certain things in it look a little bit strange to me. I get the feeling they mixed too many things together. But it was also fun there.

Live entertainment for the guests

Cistercian monastery with rococo library in Fürstenzell

All kind of accommodations are offered everywhere for very moderate prices. Normally a "real" continental breakfast is included which can make you to cut out lunch. We did this sometimes.
Such a breakfast consists of: crispy rolls (crispy outside, soft inside - not the marshmallow type which we get often in Canada), healthy bread, sweet butter, soft boiled eggs, cold cuts, cheese, yoghurt, muesli, fruits, cereal and one small can of coffee or tea - beer on request only and for an extra charge.
Occasionally either the host or a local will play music in one of the smaller guest houses (Gasthaus). A "Gasthaus" offers very often accommodation as well as a restaurant. We preferred these places to large hotels!
Pamper yourself by going into health spa. We became addicted to those when we traveled through Thuringia - see our web site for information!
If you are interested in history, culture, visiting churches and monastery you can easily spend all of your vacations by doing so. We did not go overboard and tries to combine everything.
However, I must admit, that we still missed many things, like participating on a cruise on the Danube, certain events, trying certain local specialities in restaurants etc.

Bad Griesbach is one of the places in the Passau Region which offers and extensive health program combines with fun. Get more information by using the Internet.
An important tip: Enter only "Bad Griesbach" as a key word and open the German site. If you are lucky it contains a link to the English version. Some of the German "webmasters" still think that an English speaking person is using German search terms.

Bad Griesbach - many thanks to "Konrad Lackerbeck" and Wikipedia

Bruder Konrads Geburtshaus - many thanks to "" and Wikipedia

I am not a Catholic and do not agree to many things. Certainly they also do not agree to what I believe.
In above house which is located in Parzham close to Bad Griesbach Johann Birndorfer was born in 1818. He was one of twelve children and worked as a farm help for his parents.
Instead of taking over the farm he became a monk. Because of his good Christian work he was well respected and people admired and loved him.
In 1934 Pope Pius XI declared him to be a saint. (thanks to Wikipedia)

Aidenbach - many thanks to "High Contrast" and Wikipedia

The villages looked completely different to those in Upper Bavaria and most of them were not tailored specially for tourism. You can also say they are not so called tourist traps.
People spoke mostly Bavarian and were friendly and helpful to us.

Rotthalmünster - many thanks to "Konrad Lackerbeck" and Wikipedia

The "Rott" close to Frimhöring - many thanks to "Daki " and Wikipedia

We stopped very often to tale pictures or to walk to get rid of the stiffness in our bones. All of my own pictures got lost but Wikipedia is great help to show you what we loved.

"Museumsdorf Bayrischer Wald" - many thanks to "W.J.Pilsak" and Wikipedia

Close to Tittling on the "Dreiburgensee" (Three castles lake) we discovered a village which is a museum. I is called "Museumsdorf Bayrischer Wald". We visited similar places in London, Ontario and in Thuringia.
This one was really huge and we spent hours there.
Without my own pictures I cannot make a web site about our visit.

The Dreiburgensee - many thanks to "Konrad Lackerbeck" and Wikipedia

Schnapps museum
The "Schnapsmuseum" in Hauzenberg
After that visit we took a rest on the lake. I went for a short swim but not Elizabeth - the water was too cold for her!
I learned that this was an artificial lake which became a real tourist attraction with hotels, playgrounds etc.
In Hauzenberg we learned in the "Schnaps Museum" how plants, roots, fruits and even honey can be converted into schnapps.
Naturally I purchased some souvenirs to treat myself in case I eat too much or just as an energizer. I tried it also on Canadians but I was disappointed when I watched them trying to drink it.
Please use the above scroll down menu to learn more about our tour through the Passau Region. Eventually you will follow our "footsteps".
There is so much to discover and to do. Don't miss to visit Austria - it is so close and there is not any longer border and the same currency is used.

Watch the video "Pullman City darf nicht sterben Westernstadt Eging Pullmancity ":

Many thanks for some of the pictures to the Tourist Board of Bavaria and involved communities

Let's Go to Bavaria

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