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Your Travel Guide for Bavaria - Germany
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Explore the Kelheim Region
Lower Bavaria
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Coat of arms Kelheim region

Map of the Kelheim Region:

The Kelheim Region is part of the "Naturpark Altmühltal" (nature park in the valley of the Altmühl). It is also dominated by the river Danube.
Don't miss a boat ride through the so called "Donaudurchbruch". The Danube cuts through the rocks of the "Fränkische Jura".
Because this natural attraction is very close the Kelheim you will find more information in our site about this town.
Somebody told me that many years ago the movie "River of no Return" was filmed in this area. However, I can't confirm that.
The complete region is a preferred destination of bikers (bicycles)and hikers. You see them everywhere especially along the rivers where they do not have to climb hills.
Check out whether rental is available and combine exercise with sightseeing.
Ask for detailed information, take your swim wear with you if you want to relax in one of the hot springs in Bad Abbach or Bad Gögging.
Visit the area around Abensberg to see how hops is grown.
View on the Danube
Another exciting view

We could already see hops in Mainburg which located on the small river "Abens". The hops growing area is called "Hallertau" which is the largest in the world. It spreads from Freising to Regensburg. I think many countries import hops from here.

The "Abens" at Mainburg - many thanks to "Donaulustig" and Wikipedia

In Train which Elizabeth pronounced naturally like the English word we took a few pictures of the castle below which is a landmark.

Wasserschloß - many thanks to "MisterPicture" and Wikipedia

Because of the sandy soil around Abensberg also white asparagus is grown here. Green asparagus is still not very popular in Germany. Please order in season some of the typical dishes with this vegetable. Elizabeth did this and tried asparagus in any form - even raw without any thing on it. You should have seen the faces of the people watching her. But she knows now that white asparagus has to be peeled.

Abensberg - many thanks to "Gunterius" and Wikipedia

Town gate with the bridge over the "Altmühl" in Essing
Many thanks to "Dede2" and Wikipedia
When Elizabeth tried her first dish with "Schwarzwurzeln" (black roots) which look peeled similar to her beloved asparagus she loved those too. They should be used fresh and are available between October and April. We never have seen them in Canada. They are praised as extremely healthy and full of vitamins. May be niche market for our farmers here in North America?
In Essing we were really fascinated from the town and its location in the "Altmühl" valley. We would have loved to stay at least for one night here.
Another attraction in Essing is a modern wooden bridge over the "Altmühl" which got by the locals the nickname "Tatzelwurm".
It is a high tech designs and cannot be used by motorized vehicles.
In the left picture you can see the ruins of the castle "Randeck" - another attraction. Visit it and enjoy a breathtaking sight on the valley.
Ask how to visit the so called "Schulerloch". Neanderthal's lived here once. We missed that completely so please ask and that you do not make the same mistake as we did. As I said we would have loved to stay here for more hiking, more sightseeing and hopefully an event.

The new wooden bridge - many thanks to "Brego" and Wikipedia

The "Tatzelwurm" - many thanks to "Myrrdin's Druidin" and Wikipedia

We used only weekends or long weekend for our trips to the Upper Palatinate and Lower Bavaria. We considered this as a preparation for real holidays and we were not aware that we would be back in Canada in the same year.
For that reason we spared a visit to the "Kaiser-Therme" Bad Abbach. We also did not dig into the history. The Romans were pretty active here. Also the emperor Kaiser Heinrich II was born here. I had never heard of him before. But I assume that for that reason the spa ha the word "Kaiser" in it.
We wanted to come back to male our fist experience with warm sulfuric water. It is said that it is good against things such as rheumatism. Today we both would need such a treatment instead of pills. The treatments here date back to the year 1465!
Over 50% of this little town was destroyed at the end of WWII.

"Kaiser-Therme" Bad Abbach - many thanks to "High Contrast" and Wikipedia

Watch the video "Landkreis Kelheim Video":

Many thanks for some of the pictures to the Tourist Board of Bavaria and involved communities

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