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Your Travel Guide for Bavaria - Germany
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German flag, tourist guide for Bavaria, Germany, tourism
Explore Regensburg
Regensburg Region, Upper Palatinate
Tourism, Travel Guide
Bavaria, Germany, Tourism, Travel Guide

Coat of arms Regensburg

I always have loved Regensburg and it did not take a long time for Elizabeth to share my feelings.
An old town, full of life and things to see and to do. Also the food is excellent!
The only problem was - we never stayed over night. You should do that. Do all your sightseeing, your shopping relax in the evening in a fine restaurant and have a good night sleep so you have plenty of strength to survive the next day. You can't do it in one day. Remember, you are vacationing and you should avoid stress.
Regensburg was part of the Roman Empire. You can see here remains of the Roman castle "Castra Regina" and also other relics.
But it also a young town with an university. The students love it here and bring live into the medieval downtown.
I consider Regensburg as a hidden treasure. But this applies for most places in the Upper Palatinate.
So please put Regensburg it on your traveling plan and reserve enough time.
Regensburg Roman fortress
The "Porta Praetoria"

Join a guided tour if you understand German or if you are there on a day when they are also offered in English. You can also borrow an English language "Audioguide".
There are even family tours offered which give you a little feeling how the Romans lived. Get printed information from a tourist office! We cannot cover everything in our little travel guide and keep it up to date. Search the Internet for more information in the English language!

Steinerne Brücke (stone bridge) - many thanks to "HH58" and Wikipedia

The best know attraction of Regensburg are he "Steinerne Brücke (stone bridge) and the "Dom" (cathedral).
Please take note that this stone bridge was built between 1135 and 1146. For a long time it was the only bridge in Regensburg crossing the river Danube.
Stop somewhere and have a look at the old gate on the bridge. Unfortunately, the three towers which were originally part of this bridge disappeared over the centuries.

Town gate - many thanks to "Michael.chlistalla" and Wikipedia

The bridge and the surrounding area are an attraction for many visitors at night. As you can see you do not need flashing lights which change colors.
Enjoy a drink in one of the bars and listen to live music or have a late meal after your sightseeing tour.

Steinerne Brücke - many thanks to "Sharhues" and Wikipedia

The cathedral (Dom) - many thanks to "Omnidoom 999" and Wikipedia

There were no flags on the old city hall when we came to Regensburg (at least I cannot remember to have seen any). Obviously this is only done when there is an official event.
It is never boring to explore the town and we thought that even newer buildings fit pretty good to the older structures.
The restriction to private cars was obviously appreciated by many visitors. When do our city councilors in Ontario realize that? I am afraid never!

Regensburg during an important event - many thanks to "Wolpertinger" and Wikipedia
The Lutheran "Neupfarrkirche" - many thanks to "Peter Bubenik" and Wikipedia

St. Emmeram's Abbey St. Emmeram's Abbey was a complete new experience for me and naturally also for Elizabeth.
None of us is a Catholic and we did not dig into the history of this place. I only remember that it can be traced back to the 8th century.
Please visit Wikipedia or other web sites to get sound information. Better come to Regensburg and visit it. Regensburg is one of the oldest towns in Germany.

Kloster Sankt Emmeram - many thanks to "btr"and Wikipedia

As I already indicated to be an old town does not mean that it is old fashioned or that only elderly people live here.
After WWII many well know companies established subsidiaries here, theaters have a good reputation and the same applies for the music scene.
Even some US sports not know too well in Germany became popular in Regensburg. As I said go the a tourist office to get actual information.
Use the installed link to a music video in Bavarian which shows you more scenes from Regensburg.

A jazz festival- many thanks to "Wolpertinger" and Wikipedia

As you already realized Regensburg is located on the Danube. The town has the largest harbor in Bavaria.
Today freight can be transported by boat directly from the North Sea to the Black Sea.
Cruises on the Danube became a tourist attraction for people from all over the world.
Don't miss to visit the harbor and book at least a small tour to the nearby Walhalla.

the old "Stadtlagerhaus" - many thanks to "Johanning" and Wikipedia

Regensburg is famous for its Bratwurst. So is Nuremberg where I was born and also Thuringia and other places.
For that reason I insisted to try this speciality of Regensburg at the historical "Wurstkuchl". As I learned this establishment dates back to the 12th century when the stone bridge was built.
I must admit that I was impressed. As usual I did not use any mustard with it, but Elizabeth still a meat eater at this time asked for it. She also eat all of my sauerkraut. I am a kraut who is not to keen on it!
The sausages are made of pure pork and are still barbecued on a charcoal grill which improves the flavor.
The sausage kitchen in Regensburg, Upper Palatinate
Historical "Wurstkuchl" (sausage kitchen)

Have you ever heard about the "Regensburger Domspatzen"? This is a very famous boy's choir. I installed one link to a performance of them. Watch the video.
The "Regensburger Dom" is a very impressive Gothic building. Don't hesitate to visit it. The building was started 1260 and the first stage of completion was reached about 1520. The last renovation was done between 1985 and 1988.
The cathedral is also the burying ground for many bishops.
We recommend that you get some information before visiting the cathedral. I believe they are available in the English language.

Watch the video "Heido - Song für Regensburg (Music Video) ":

Watch the video "Regensburger Domspatzen: Denn er hat seinen Engeln ":

If you want to e experience something typical Bavarian go to a beer fest. The following video in an unusual format gives you an impression how the tapping of "Bockbier" (a strong beer) is celebrated.

Watch the video "Kapelle Josef Menzl - Pfatterer Marsch - Maibockanstich Hofbräuhaus Regensburg 2010":

Many thanks for some of the pictures to the Tourist Board of Bavaria and involved communities

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