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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

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tourist guide Germany
Thuringia, Germany

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Thuringia tourist destination in Germany

A visit to the "Ottilienbad" a health spa and sport facility in Suhl, Thuringia

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Elizabeth, my wife loved to swim length to keep herself in shape. The 50 m long pool was just fine for her.
Because of an international sports event in Suhl many guests stayed in the adjacent hotel and she always had company. I had at the same time appointments with potential clients.
The "Ottilienbad" offers also a fitness studio. But unfortunately we never used it.
The management of this spa does everything to attract visitors. They offer courses to familiarize babies with the water, swimming classes for little children in the age between 18 months and 3 years, training for patients with osteoporosis or rheumatism and aqua fitness. A special event which is very common in Germany and which is obviously also an attraction is nude swimming. This is offered each first Friday in the months from May to September between 6 pm and 9 pm. It is called FKK swimming.
If one of your children has birthday when you are in Suhl notify the Ottilienbad 3 days in advance. The child will have free access and "Otti" the mascot of the spa will present a gift.
Ottilienbad, Suhl, Thuringia, tourism, spa, indoor pool

Ottilienbad, Suhl, Thuringia, tourism, spa, indoor pool
Elizabeth joined the kids by using the water slide

Ottilienbad, Suhl, Thuringia, tourism, spa, indoor pool
Snacks and beverages are offered

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