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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

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tourist guide Germany
Thuringia, Germany
Thuringia tourist destination in Germany

A visit to the "Ottilienbad" a health spa and sport facility in Suhl, Thuringia

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Contact Information:

im Congress Centrum Suhl
Friedrich-König-Str. 7
98527 Suhl
Phone: 011 49 3681 788308
Fax: 011 49 3681 788308

Opening time:
All facilities: Week Days: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Sundays and German holidays: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Time limitations apply
We recommend to use e-mail or fax if you do not speak German

Suhl is an excellent place to stay if you want to do lots of traveling by car. New "Autobahns" have been built since the unification of Germany which connect this small city of around 44 000 with many others and make driving much easier and faster than using the scenic but always winding country roads.
Most of the time during our visit of Thuringia in 2006 we stayed in Suhl.

For us one of the major attractions - especially when it was raining - were the state-of-the-art spas. We spend hours in them and had always a great time to explore the different facilities.
The "Ottilienbad" is conveniently located in the downtown area of Suhl at the "Congress Centrum".
We used the provided underground parking and found direct access to the spa. As usual in Thuringia we had to climb stairs because at first we could not find the elevator. No signs in English, but advertising in a mixture between German and English everywhere. I still can not understand the logic behind that and finding out that most of the business people do not understand any English makes me wonder. However, everybody was very friendly and helpful. Elizabeth, my wife got the greatest kick out of it to communicate using her dictionary all the time.
Most of the spas offer a time limited use with the possibility to pay the balance when you stay longer. This can save some money. The "Ottilienbad" allows in addition a discount for seniors and children.
You should select which facilities you want to use:
- the pools only
- the saunas, and the fitness studio in addition for a complete work out
Ottilienbad, Suhl, Thuringia, tourism, spa, indoor pool
Many signs guide you to the Ottilienbad in Suhl

The change rooms and the lockers are on entry level and upstairs. You have direct access to the saunas and the fitness center with all the machines and the solarium with the tanning beds.

Ottilienbad, Suhl, Thuringia, tourism, spa, indoor pool
The main pool of the spa
If you are interested in a massage, please ask before you pay the entrance fee! Use of the tanning equipment must be paid extra.
Normally the sauna is used by both genders at the same time. Be aware that the dress code demands that you go in the nude. In the hot sauna you must sit on a large towel for hygienic reasons. In the steam sauna you should wash the seats by using the provided water hose. You must take a full shower before you use any of the facilities.
Because some people do not like to share the sauna with the opposite gender the saunas are assigned to one gender only at certain times. Please ask. We do not want to provide false information in the case that anything changes.

Ottilienbad, Suhl, Thuringia, tourism, spa, indoor pool

A view from the upper floor on the water slide which was used by children in the late afternoon. They had fun without screaming and yelling!
Ottilienbad, Suhl, Thuringia, tourism, spa, indoor pool
A little waterfall acts as a gentle massage

The "Ottilienbad" offers swimming courses for babies between 3 and 18 months of age at on Fridays. If you are interested please check because we will not be informed about any changes of schedules.
Like in all other spas we had visited, water jets installed on various locations in the pool. They will suddenly start. They are always an attraction because they provide a nice massage for your whole body.

Whether you have a problem with you back or your shoulder just sit there an get a treatment. Sometimes the jets are very strong and you must hold on not to be swept away. Every spa offers some surprises. Just explore them.
The water depths is normally always at a level which allows an adult to walk and do exercises which are very often guided by an instructor without paying an extra fee for it. Those courses are also offered at the "Ottilienbad". Please ask for the schedule.
Many of the spas which we had visited have pools with salt water. Not so the "Ottilienbad". Instead of chlorine ozone is almost generally used for disinfection of the water in pools all over Germany according to our experience.
Ottilienbad, Suhl, Thuringia, tourism, spa, indoor pool
The whirlpool with its hot water is always a meeting point

Ottilienbad, Suhl, Thuringia, tourism, spa, indoor pool
Ottilienbad, Suhl, Thuringia, tourism, spa, indoor pool

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Travel Guide ThuringiaPage 1 Page 2

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