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German flag, tourist guide for Bavaria, Germany, tourism
Explore Bad Oberstdorf
Oberallgäu Region, Swabia
Germany, Tourism, Travel Guide
Bavaria, tourism, travel guide

Coat of arms Oberstdorf

Bad Oberstdorf and Bad Hindelang have now merged their administration what makes sense.
Bad Oberstdorf has received the right to add the term "Bad" much earlier than Bad Hindelang because of its natural source of minerals and sulfur which are used together with healing mud for health treatments.
Many people like that. We never tried it and I am afraid of the smell which may not be pleasant.
However we would not reject an invitation for a brief treatment.
Even if you are only a little bit familiar with our tourist guide you may already have read about a cure using water. It is called "Kneipp-Kur" and is very popular and sometimes it looks like fun. Kneipp was a pastor and his treatment is very popular in Germany. Oberstdorf is another place where you can join in.
I think it is a very good and natural treatment. When I was a kid, we used some of the things which are part of the cure without knowing anything about the good pastor and his studies how to improve the blood circulation.

Bad Oberstdorf - many thanks to "Ingo2802 " and Wikipedia

When we visited Bad Oberstdorf it was during summer and we just did sightseeing and having a late lunch in a "Gasthof".

Bad Oberstdorf - many thanks to Roland Köhler

We both agreed that we should have done better planning and should have stayed here at least two or three days. All kind of accommodation is offered and we would have returned to Zorneding really relaxed.
Naturally, we included the sky flying hills in our sightseeing program. I did para sailing but I never would dare to try to go down one of them on skies, but am not sure about Elizabeth. Sometimes she is a dare devil!
I did not know that there is also a "Schnapsmuseum". If you are interested visit it. You can make good schnapps which is not sweet from many fruits.

Seelenkapelle - many thanks to "Lokilech" and Wikipedia
The "Heini-Klopfer-Skiflugschanze" - many thanks to "Hajotthu" and Wikipedia

The "Skisprungschanzen" at the "Schattenberg" - many thanks to "Hajotthu" and Wikipedia

We missed to visit Bad Oberstdorf and Hindelang during winter. We were called back to Canada in November.
Even not doing any winter sport, we would have enjoyed a leisurely time here. Clean snow, no snow shoveling, a cozy room to stay, some walking an breathing the clean air, good and healthy food and certainly some tobogganing. I can sit doing this sport and I was always pretty good with it.
Especially during winter a very famous drink in the Alpine region of Austria and Bavaria is "Jagertee". It consists mainly of hot rum, red wine, cinnamon, cloves, sugar, real schnapps (not the sweet North American stuff). You may find it also advertised as "Hüttentee".
After three cups you think you can do everything like downhill skiing without having tried it before and other foolish things.
Please do not drive a car after - have instead another cup and go to bed and have a good sleep.


Another relaxing way to enjoy the scenery

"Glühwein" tastes also very good and has a mouth watering smell. It is heated up re wine also with cinnamon and other spices but without the schnapps. It is not as dangerous and is normally offered almost everywhere.
If you go on a sleight ride as shown above take a thermos full of it with you. You are allowed to do that in Germany!
In Canada I tried a non alcoholic version of "Glühwein" and I was not surprised that it did not meet my expectations at all. Nobody liked it. You do not need expensive wine for that brew and promoting it would be good for our wineries.

- many thanks to "Civvi" and Wikipedia

- many thanks to "Civvi" and Wikipedia

The Nebelhorn - many thanks to "Hajotthu" and Wikipedia

Oberstdorf used one time because of its location the slogan "the valley of the valleys". Seven valleys end at this famous village.
Don't miss to contact or visit the local tourist office for actual information, prices etc. We cannot help you with that.

Have a view from the top of the "Heini-Klopfer-Skiflugschanze". Ask for ski jumping in summer. Participate in a guided tour. Go mountain climbing. Relax in a spa. Visit the surrounding villages which form a part of Bad Oberstdorf or Bad Hindelang.
Don't miss having a peek in some of the little churches in the villages. You will be pleasantly surprised!
Drive to "Tiefenbach" and ask for directions to the "Breitachklamm". This spectacular natural wonder was made accessible to the public at the beginning of the 20th. century by some brave citizens from the village.
Many people come every year from all over the world to take the unforgettable experience of this path home.
Don't leave your camera equipment at home.
According to my information you can come at any time of the year except in the spring when the snow is melting.
If you chance being in Oberstdorf in the month December you should ask about extra special events.
One of the traditional customs from the past is the so called "Klausentreiben" where young men in frightening costumes try to chase away bad ghosts. This event takes place on the 6th. of December.
All over the place you can also find young girls dressed as witches at December the 4th.
All this looks to me like a Bavarian variant of Halloween which also has nothing to do with Christianity.
In summer you will be able to witness every five years a custom which goes back before Christianity. It is called the "Wilde Mändle Tanz" which is performed by the "Gebirgs- und Trachtenverein Oberstdorf". The dancers wear unusual costumes for the performance of this event.
The "Breitachklamm"


Unfortunately, we never have visited "Einödsbach" which is the most Southern village in Germany.
You can go there by using a bus and by walking from Birgsau for an additional 45 minutes.
I think we may try to find our way to this place too.

Many thanks for some of the pictures to the Tourist Board of Bavaria and involved communities

Let's Go to Bavaria

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