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Your Travel Guide for Bavaria - Germany
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German flag, tourist guide for Bavaria, Germany, tourism
Munich, Upper Bavaria, tourism, travel guide

Bavaria, tourism, travel guide

Munich was called "The secret capital of Germany" when Bonn was still the official capital. Other names are "Capital with heart" or "The village of millions".
Truly, it is not only the capital of Bavaria, it is one of the most charming and attractive larger cities of Germany.
Many excellent web pages about Munich have already been prepared in English and therefore we won't waste time re-inventing the wheel. We ask you to search for these sites. We will not provide any longer links because of continuously changing addresses. We do not get any financial support and can not work for nothing.
München is not just "Oktoberfest". Munich has much more to offer. State-of-the-art museums, theaters, concerts, opera, sightseeing and last but not least its own flair and charm.

Munich Glockenspiel
The "Rathaus" (City hall - not rat house!) with the famous "Glockenspiel"
Picture from the files of the "Bavarian Tourist Board"

If you are afraid to drive on the crowded and very often jammed inner city streets, use the "MVV". That is the public ground transportation system that combines the "U-Bahn" (subway) with the "S-Bahn" (above ground in the region around Munich and underground within the city), the buses and tramway (where this still exists)
The system is not cheap and if you do not have any German knowledge it is difficult to purchase the right ticket at the automatic machines.
We strongly recommend you use the "MVV", You must not struggle to find a parking space and you avoid lots of stress.

All tourist places can easily be reached with the "MVV".
All individual vehicles are strictly banned from certain areas in the downtown core. Only pedestrians are allowed.
Walk around watch the "Glockenspiel" at noon while enjoying a coffee or a beer.

picture Gemütlichkeit
Definitely these nice people are not Bavarians.
Many thanks to David Bormann

Depending on the weather the people are friendly or unfriendly. If there is "Föhn" in Munich (warm air falling down from the Alps) many get a little crazy.
People are pushing each other in the crowded streets, the driving may be even more aggressive than normal (road rage), everybody is impatient. A good example of this is when you are at an intersection and the light changes to green. If you don't react quickly enough they blow the horn or you may be asked in not exactly pleasant tones - "Are you waiting for a particular shade of green before you move your muffler?" The nicest people may become neurotic.

Naturally I had to go with Elizabeth to the "Hofbräuhaus".

The "Hofbräuhaus"

The "Hofbräuhaus" has a nice beer garden and the so called "Schwemme" where all the action is. It also has a formal dining room. We went to the "Schwemme". Please do not wait at the door for somebody to escort you to a table. Just walk in and look around to find a place that you like. Don't expect a table by yourself, as it is quiet normal you share a table with other guests. If you find a table which is already occupied, ask whether you may sit with them and unless they are expecting friends to join them, they will be more than happy to have your company. If you are uneasy with this, just ask a waiter or waitress for help.
Don't be surprised if you find an international crowd in the "Hofbräuhaus" and only a few local patrons.
We shared a table with nice people from the States. Another place where you will find North Americans are the Mac Donald's in the Downtown area. Elizabeth was still surprised to see that you can get beer there and made the statement that the French fries were the best she had at any Mac Donald's. While there, she met some people from Fort Erie, her home town. Small world.
We also went to the Oktoberfest and took advantage of the "S-Bahn".

Picture with the friendly permission of the Bavarian Tourist Board

The most famous park in Munich is the "English Garden". Please use a link to see more pictures.
The garden was established in 1789. It is a real must to see, not only because you may find people sun bathing in the nude. You can also enjoy the natural beauty of the garden itself and all the attractions. There is a "Japanese Tea House", a "Chinese Tower", the "Monopterus", a creek, a lake, beer gardens, the "Amphitheater" and many interesting people and on and on and on. The list is never ending.

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