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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

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Thuringia, Germany

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Thuringia, travel, tourism

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The "badehaus masserberg"
a health spa with clinic in Thuringia Germany
The relaxation level

Masserberg Home Masserberg lower level

Please do not find any excuses for not visiting the upper level of the "badehaus masserberg". This level is purely dedicated to total relaxation.
If you have problems walking stairs, ask for help. I was promised that each level can be accessed by an elevator.
Walk first around to check everything out.
You will be surprised how much efforts had been spent to provide really total relaxation. We never have seen anything like this before.
If you have little kids with you be aware that this spa may be a little bit boring for them even when it contains a special pool just dedicated to the little ones.
There are no water slides and other things which keep them busy. It is more a place for an adult life style.
We visited other spas which are more suitable for active children.
Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism

Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism

You can oversee the spa level or the surrounding scenery. Take a book with you and read in a quiet environment or have a nap. Nobody will bother you.
Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
Even a desk for riding post cards or your diary is provided

The pictures show a view on the pool with the underwater sound in which I floated on my back for quiet a while to listen to sounds by touching sensors and one of the dinning rooms of the adjacent clinic which provides hotel services.
I was thinking to stay there during our next trip through Thuringia and to work on another update of our Internet travel guide under those conditions.
No interruptions by phone calls and all the daily duties which you have at home.
I believe I would return in much better shape to Canada by doing so. Elizabeth would certainly not protest -she only must make sure that she can stay so long.
Unfortunately the so called management of the clinic did not respond to my e-mail. Now they are in receivership!
Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism

Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
If you like aroma therapy as much as Elizabeth open the various cabinets,called "Duftschränke". Each one contains a burning scented candle.
Elizabeth also liked to listen to good music. You can select from classical music to jazz.
Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism

Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
The "relaxation level" of the spa even hosts little museum. It shows as a reference famous spas and equipment from the past.
It is always a surprise which kind of luxury life style the rich and famous had in antique times. The oldest information date back to about 3000 B.C.
Also information about the construction of the complete complex of the "badehaus masserberg" are displayed.
We did not realize how fast the time went. You really have to spend a few days in this environment to calm down and to really enjoy everything what is offered.
Forget about your normal life style and relax. Do some hiking in the surrounding Thuringian Forest.
Try "Nordic Walking" which is very popular in Europe.
Talk to the people - Elizabeth had great fun by doing so. Her German was at the end better than the English of most persons she met. Just don't be afraid or shy.
Please spend also some time to see and even touch all the art work which you will find all over the "badehaus masserberg". Many well known artists where involved to create the unique ambience. There is so much to discover, but please take it easy to do so - you should return to your home country as a healthy and relaxed person with many good memories.

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