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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

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Thuringia, Germany
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Relax in the "badehaus masserberg"
a health spa with clinic in Thuringia Germany
The lower level

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Masserberg Home Masserberg lower level

The lower level of the "badehaus masserberg" is designated to health and beauty. You have the choice of different kind of saunas, massages and beauty treatments.
Elizabeth was already in Canada saving money to get pampered. But then she realized you can only do so much in the two days which we came here. You should not have stress by doing all the relaxing treatments in too little time. I believe you need at least one week to unwind and enjoy everything.
As I already said in most European countries both genders use the sauna in the nude. Families come with their children and I never experienced that anybody stares as you. Old and young and many of the people you find there would not win a beauty contest.
It is a relaxed atmosphere and normally their is not to much talking. Everybody sweats and is careful not to overdue it.

Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
I waited until nobody was in this sauna
As soon as you feel uncomfortable leave and cool down in a basin with cold water. In winter some people got outside and roll in the snow. Beginners prefer to take a shower.
Please do not forget to bring large towels with you if you intent to go in a sauna. It serves to sit on for hygienic reasons. You also must take a shower before you enter the sauna. A house coat may give you more comfort when you relax after the sauna.
Wood of the Douglas fir tree is being used for this sauna. I still could smell the wood resin. The temperature is about 93° C (approximately 200° F). You will not get it hotter in Masserberg.

All equipment is state-of-the-art as you can see and the complete spa is kept extremely clean. Machines were used to pick up water from the floor.
Nevertheless, please wear plastic slippers. They also prevent slipping on the tile or hardwood floors.

Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
A pool with cold water which is used after the hot sauna
Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
Elizabeth did not dare to turn the shower on

There was no noise, no screaming kids running around, no smoking, no loud talking.
After a sauna you want to relax. You can read or sleep, discover art work everywhere or watch the Japanese fish in the large aquarium.
It is essential that you replace the water which you lost by sweating in the sauna. Some people do this with beer, but natural juices or mineral water are better for your health.

For that reason you will find here a juice bar where you also pay by just showing your locker key.
If you feel hungry just climb up the stairs to the spa level und you can have a light meal in the "Ristorante MasserMonte".
Elizabeth could not try all the different saunas during our visits. We must come back.
For example there is a Finnish sauna with a temperature of only 80° C (Approximately 175° F), a so called"Biosanarium" with an almost &quut;freezing" temperature of 52° C (125° F) but a higher humidity. It combines various forms of treatments including the smell of herbs and exposure to specific light.
Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
Everything is there - cold and hot water treatment for your legs and feet

Have you ever been in a steam bath? I loved it. So did the people in ancient Greece and Rome as well as in Arabia. The air temperature is only 45° C (approximately 115° F) but you breath steam which helps when you have breathing problems or rheumatism. I found it extremely relaxing and pleasing. Please don't hesitate and try it!
I believe that a healthy skin makes you look younger and it protects your body. To take good care of it is better than plastic surgery.

Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
The juice bar of the spa in Masserberg
The "badehaus masserberg" offers a variety of treatments. With my sons family we were a group of four and used the special offer for all of us for a mud treatment called "Rasul" which is based on Turkish body cleansing.
"Heilerde" or healing earth is considered to be one of the first medical treatments used by humans. We practised this a children by laying in the mud, similar to some animals and jumping after in the little river in our village. We did not know anything about the antique Greek culture which used mud as a treatment against many diseases.

Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
The treatment room for "Rasul" accommodates four people. Each person becomes a plate with five "dumplings" formed out of mud. They are used for peeling of dead skin. Each "dumpling" has a different color and a different grain. The lightest on for the face and the roughest one for the feet.
Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
After you have applied the mud you relax in the seats and breathe the scented warm air

You must first take all your cloth of and enjoy a warm shower. Than you apply mud from the different "mud balls" by rubbing it into the assigned parts of your body. Normally your partner assist you.
Then you sit down and relax and breathe scented air. After a certain time warm water comes out of the shower heads above you seat to clean most of the mud off. A portable shower will do the rest.
When this is done scented oil will handed to you and you rub it into your body.

After the procedure is completed you should rest and should not use any of the facilities of the spa to allow your body to absorb the oil. For that reason we went to the "Rasul" in the evening before we went home to Siegritz.
Don't forget to bring some reading material with you. The spa offers some brochures, but they are all in German.
Masserberg offers naturally much more treatments. We did not try them but the next page gives you some brief information. Otherwise just ask if you are in Masserberg and hopefully somebody speaks English.
Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
Here you can relax

Naturally, almost everything I can think of to make women and man more beautiful and healthier is offered in the "badehaus masserberg". If we would not have had a tight schedule to work on our travel guide for Thuringia, Elizabeth certainly would have gone through the complete program and I could show more pictures. It would not be right to use images asking other people to pose for those.
I gladly admit that I would also enjoy many of the offered treatments. As already mentioned, we loved the "Rasul" treatment very much after having spent hours in the various pools and in the different saunas.

Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
Just a demonstration of the "Bal-Thai" treatment
Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism

"Bal-Thai" is an East Asian massage technique which uses specific herbal oils or essences suitable for the skin of the treated person.
All products needed for the therapy are internationally registered and comply to strict purity regulations.

The "badehaus masserberg" offers different "Bal-Thai" treatments. They are suitable for the whole body or for specific parts - like the legs - only. You should discuss details with the well trained and friendly massage therapists.
The principle of the therapy is to use the human skin - the largest organ - for transferring the healing power to the body.
Because we already had booked the ":Rasul" is was not feasible that Elizabeth also could go through the "Bal-Thai" massage the same day. However, it was briefly demonstrated to us.
The treatment starts with softening the skin by use of a moisturized pillow which is stuffed with rose and orange ingredients. After that the selected warm "Bal-Thai" oil will be applied.
For the massage hot packing's which are called stamps are used. They contain a special mixture of herbs and spices. In a fast sequence various spots of the body will be touched. When the packing's get cooler more pressure is applied and the massage begins. The ingredients which are responsible for the healing process will penetrate the skin. This procedure will be repeated several times.

Naturally the herb packing's will be prepared for each customer freshly.
The healing process is initiated by the heat of the massage packages
The exotic scents and the cosy environment are a stimulant for total relaxation and the effects of the "Bal-Thai" therapy.
As already said, the specialist from the "badehaus masserberg" gladly discuss all your needs with you and answer all questions - but please have a English-German dictionary with you. The English learning process has just started.
Please ask also for the other therapies which are offered, such as a hay bath or fango which applies volcanic clay mud to the body. Elizabeth was keen of having a real mud bath against her starting arthritis which is a result of the specific climatic conditions of the are where we live. We re talking about that for years. I am confident we will get us covered in mud the next time when we visit the "badehaus masserberg" again.
Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
After the massage you can rest here

A special foot massage for which you do not need an appointment and which is included into the entrance fee is shown in the picture on the left side.
Elizabeth tried it immediately following our very friendly and very knowledgeable guide.

Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
No extra charges for this special foot massage!
In addition to that many more treatments are offered. But those are not free!
To name only a few: treatments with algae, various kinds of peeling, sea water-oil bath, a Cleopatra bath, various cream baths
Please use the contact information which we have provided under "badehaus masserberg - Home" to address your questions or to get more details.
You will be surprised about the cleanliness and the relaxing atmosphere of this top of the line spa.
I wish that we would get such a spa in Southern Ontario. Despite the aging population everything is tailored for children.
Here in Thuringia children enjoy also the spas! They are not banned and many of the spas offer many things to keep them entertained and active.
Eventually, health care costs could be lowered by providing such a service. It is definitely better than a bingo hall or a new casino for the elderly on a fixed income.

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