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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

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Thuringia, Germany
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Relax in the "badehaus masserberg", a health spa with clinic in Thuringia Germany

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Masserberg Home Masserberg lower level

Contact Information:

badehaus masserberg
Kurhausstraße 8
98666 Masserberg
Phone: 011 49 36870 53380
Fax: 011 49 36870 53375

Opening time:
Sunday to Thursday: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
Friday and Saturday: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

We recommend to use e-mail or fax if you do not speak German

Thuringia is blessed with many new built health spas. Whenever you feel tired from sightseeing, shopping, hiking or any other activities, take a break and relax in one of them. You will enjoy it.
The "badehaus masserberg" is part of a complex which consists of the spa and a clinic called "Prof. Volhard Klinik".
We only visited the spa and did not stay overnight.
When we arrived in Thuringia it we did not know about the upcoming heat wave. It was unusually cold and Elizabeth was shivering and looked forward to get soaked in the pools with hot water.
Because we were early we found a free of charge parking spot directly in front of the entrance.
The water in the various pools of the "badehaus masserberg" must be heated - it is not what they call a "Therme" which is fed by hot water coming out of the ground.

Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
We found free parking directly in front of the health spa in Masserberg
Elizabeth told me later that the water temperatures seemed to be a little bit higher than in Bad Colberg which is a "Therme". Skinny as she is I had to believe her judgment. I never felt any difference.
Unfortunately, no information in English were available in 2005 and the very friendly staff was not able to explain all the offered special treatments. Elizabeth used all her German language knowledge and by laughing a lot the communication between Canada and Thuringia started.

In Masserberg the basic entrance fee includes the use of the whirlpools, all the fancy swimming pools, the outdoor pool with hot salt water (Solebad), the different saunas, the "Duftschränke" (scented candles burning in small cabinets) and "Schallliegen" (encapsulated lazy chairs in which you can listen to soft music).
Offered special treatments however must be paid extra and be booked in advance.

To find out more details about these special offers was the attempt of Elizabeth´s discussion. She already had put some money away in Canada to get pampered here.
It was immediately clear that you need days to go through everything offered in the "badehaus masserberg" and more money than Elizabeth had reserved for that.
Just follow us on a brief tour through this temple of health and relaxation that you know what to expect.

The spa has three levels:
• the lower level with all the saunas, the facilities for beauty treatments a dipping pool which should be used after using a sauna, showers etc.
• the main level with all the pools and a cafeteria
• the upper level for relaxation and interesting displays
Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
Elizabeth is studying German information

I believe it is helpful to provide some basic information because most people in Thuringia do not speak any English which means they can't give you any answers to your questions.

Entrance fee:
is listed at the entrance. In Masserberg no time limitation applied when we were there! Her you must have cash with you.
if you want to visit the saunas, bring some large towels with you to sit on for hygienic reasons. All saunas are shared between both genders and everybody goes naked!
Change room:
after you have paid the entrance fee you will receive a little plastic card. Find a locker with an inserted key. Open the locker, insert the plastic card into the slot which you see and you can remove the key and use it at any time. Use the coat hangers which you may find in the locker or find some and use one of the cabins opposing the locker to get changed. These cabins have a easy to understand locking device for both doors. Store everything in the locker - don't take cash with you do not need any and make sure that the key is properly attached to you wrist - soon you will know why. Find your way to the showers for men or women.

Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
Elizabeth knows some German
Masserberg, health spa, Thuringia, tourism
The change room

More hinds:

• bring some cheap plastic slippers with you. They make walking on the tiled floors much easier and they do not cost a fortune.
• be prepared to walk many stairs. If you are handicapped or using a wheel chair ask for assistance. I was told that each level can be accessed through the clinic which is equipped with elevators.
• as already recommended don't take any cash with you into the pool area. When you put it in the pockets of your swim shorts it may disappear when using the pools with the powerful jets. Just show your key and pay your food or drinks when you leave the facility.

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