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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

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Thuringia, Germany
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A visit to the "Oberschloss" (Upper castle) in Kranichfeld, Thuringia, Germany

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Kranichfeld, Thuringia, castle, Oberschloss

Please climb the old tower. Stairs have been installed lately to allow visitors a great sight on the surrounding scenery. The walls of the tower are 3.6 m or 11.8 feet thick. No wonder that the tower survived about 800 years.
Kranichfeld, Thuringia, tourism

Kranichfeld, Thuringia, tourism
Kranichfeld, Thuringia, tourism

Use your imagination to see not ruins but the original castle with its inhabitants.

Kranichfeld, Thuringia, tourism
Kranichfeld, Thuringia, tourism

Don't get tired! Climb all the stairs, walk around, take pictures. There is always something to discover.

A landmark of the "Oberschloss" is a medieval sculpture, called the "Leckarsch". Just look at the illustration and you will understand the meaning. It is based on a legend.
Two brothers with the names of Wolfer and Lutger lived in this castle.

After arguments started between them they divided all the belonging. The older brother Wolfer kept the castle and the younger brother left to make his fortune somewhere else. Before he departed he said that he will build another castle (today's "Niederschloss") when he returns.
Wolfer did not take this serious and responded that he will lick his own rear end if this happens.
Years later Lutger returned and built the castle. To keep his word Wolfer tried to fulfill his promise but failed. He took his life for that reason. To memorize this event Lutger ordered the creation of this now well known sculpture which shows the attempt of Wolfer in a very drastic way.
The original sculpture can be found at the corner of a building just on top of the shown sign. Take your own photos of it! We did so too, but hesitated to post one of them in our censored web site.
As you will see medieval times were pretty rough. Just ask somebody who is familiar with the history of this area and you will not only learn about deadly diseases but also about robbers and how they were executed after being caught.
Kranichfeld, Thuringia, tourism
This illustration shows the attempt to fulfill the impossible promise

I wish I could have stayed longer in Kranichfeld. But I had to leave for Weimar which is not too far away.
For that reason I missed the local "Rosenfest" (Rose festival) which would have given me another opportunity to learn how the friendly people in Thuringia party.

Kranichfeld, Thuringia, tourism
Kranichfeld, Thuringia, tourism
The annual "Burgfest" takes only place on the Pentecost weekend (Sunday and Monday).
I believe it is lots of fun to see actors in historical costumes performing music and faked sword fights.
Maybe sometimes we will be at this time in Kranichfeld and can participate.
I am still waiting for a chance to do this!

Kranichfeld, Thuringia, Weimar Region

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Travel Guide ThuringiaPage 1 Page 2

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