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Civic arms Kochel

Lake Kochel

Seeing these pictures, both of us are bitten by the vacation bug again. When we lived in Bavaria we took many things for granted. We thought that we have all the time to see everything and then we were called back to Canada.
Definitely we walked a lot at this time. When you see the above scenery you will understand why. Now, my walking is not good any longer and I Elizabeth must go on her own little adventurous hiking trips. I do things which do not involve much walking, such visiting a museum or sightseeing using a car.

Use the cable car to visit the "Herzogstand".
If the day is clear, you will have a magnificent view down to the country side. The ride is exciting and an unforgettable little event. The surrounding mountain scenery splendid.
If I do this with Elizabeth again she would certainly join a guided tour (if available in English) on the new panoramic nature trail. Having a new digital camera she enjoys taking pictures from all the plants, birds and also animals if they allow her that.
If guided tours are not offered in English she will just follow other hikers. Nature is always an attraction for her. You should have seen her in action in Thuringia or in Newfoundland and in Labrador. We were always a good team to collect information for our travel guides.
The small community of Kochel am See has a population slightly over 4000. But it is not only blessed with beautiful surroundings including Lake Kochel and the Walchensee, it is also the home of a famous Alpine spa, called "Trimini". Everybody told us, how beautiful it is with its heated pools, the high speed water slides, the sauna and the fun available to all members of your family, regardless of age.
Take the cable car to the "Herzogstand"

Busy - even when the sun is hiding

Elizabeth is not "too old" to try everything in the "Trimini" a family and adventure spa. We postponed a visit and now we are back in Canada ad regret that.
We also were not able to visit the new "Franz-Marc-Museum". Kochel was an important station in the life of this well known German painter. Unfortunately, he lost his life in World War I.
Please use the Internet to learn more about Franz Marc, his life and his work.
Kochel has a long history. Originally it was built around a convent which was destroyed by enemies in the mid of the 10 th century.
By the end of the 15 th century the "Kesselbergstraße" was built to improve trade and mining. Unfortunately, the road was also utilized for wartime purposes.
Today the "Kesselbergstraße" is an attraction for every tourist and especially for bikers. None of them can suppress the urge to drive it a few times to practice and test their skills. Because of many accidents many restrictions have been implemented now for bikers.
Whenever you hear about the "Schmied von Kochel", please be aware that there are still arguments whether he was a real person. It is said that he was a blacksmith and war hero.
You will find a monument dedicated to him in the village. Collect more information by using the Internet or when you visit Kochel am See

"Der Schmied von Kochel"

Don't pass up the opportunity to visit the "Walchensee" (an artificial lake) and learn about the power plant, built in 1924.
Water stored in the Walchensee drives turbines and generators at peak times. At night when the demand for electrical power is less, water is be pumped back for the production of electrical power on the next day.
The "Walchensee" is also a paradise for wind surfers, even when the water is pretty cold.
The Alp are naturally an attraction to everybody who loves winter sport. The picture on the right gives you only a small impression. Be aware that in Germany the countryside is open to everyone. People are thought at an early age to respect the environment.
The fields and forests are not fenced in (unless to protect small areas from the deer) but it is expected that you stay away from planted fields and always respect signs that indicate endangered species of flora and fauna.
Bad Tölz
Enjoy the winter

Being a registered nurse Elizabeth learned about the German health care system when we lived there. I think it is the opposite of the Canadian one. In Canada you don't pay too much into it, in Germany you pay too much in it. That are the reasons why both systems are abused. On the other side education is still free or less expensive in Germany than in Canada.
Nevertheless, she was impressed with the fact that there is so much emphasis on the prevention of illness and proper recovery.
To go on a "Kur" is very popular and many towns and villages have the environment and the facilities to have the word "Bad" in front of the name. "Bad" doesn't mean "bad" it indicates that the village or town is recognized for its health treatment facilities which are properly staffed with doctors, nurses and therapists. For German citizens, such a treatment is normally free or only for a nominal charge. When you are still working you take a paid sick leave.
Since we are no longer in Germany, we realize how much we both missed a especially with our increasingly arthritic old bones.
Bad Tölz offers a variety of treatments when you have problems with your: heart, respiratory tract, joints, rheumatism, etc.

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