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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

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Thuringia, Germany
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A visit to Kloster Veßra, Thuringia, Germany

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On another trip in summer my wife Elizabeth came with me and I did not want to miss another visit to Kloster Veßra. In summer concerts are held on the grounds of the former abbey, but unfortunately not when we visited Thuringia.

Especially lovers of classical music are enjoying them in a relaxed atmosphere. I hope that we will have sometimes chance to go to one of them. Elizabeth decided on the spot that this will be not our last visit to Thuringia.
She was excited that there are so many things to do and to see and that you do not depend too much on the weather. Sightseeing, visiting interesting places, learning something about European history and culture can be combined with hiking and all kind of indoor and outdoor activities. One of our favorites became visiting different spas and spending a whole day there. Also shopping was an exciting experience for my wife. Luckily we had to keep the weight restrictions for our luggage in mind.

Kloster Veßra, Thuringia, museum tourism
Open air concerts are held at Kloster Veßra, close to Hildburghausen

Kloster Veßra, Thuringia, museum tourism
Elizabeth inspecting a garden

Without any doubt - you should visit this former abbey and all the restored houses preferable in summer or fall. You also should reserve enough time for the self guided tour. Please do not plan a visit on a Monday - almost all attractions are closed all over Thuringia.
Ask in a local tourist information about planned events. As far as I know you can listen to music from J. S. Bach and Carl Orff in June. His Carmina Burana is known by music lovers around the world!
Hopefully more value to this tour for foreign visitors will be added by providing all the interesting information in the English language.
Not everybody is as lucky as Elizabeth who had her personal translator and interpreter. I hope the tourist industry of Thuringia starts to listen to the demands of visitors.

Kloster Veßra, Thuringia, museum tourism
A visit during summer is much more enjoyable

Kloster Veßra, Thuringia, museum tourism

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