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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

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Thuringia, Germany
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A visit to Kloster Veßra, Thuringia, Germany

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Naturally, there is much, much more to see. Spend some time in the part of the "Hennebergische Museum" which showed which part the "Henneberg's nobles " played in medieval times.
If you are interested in learning more about them, ask at the front desk for information in English. But just seeing all the displays in the museum gives you also a good idea of their importance.
They obviously also made a very good living.
The abbey itself was for a long time a cultural center. However, problems started in the 15 th century and it soon lost its importance and influence.

Kloster Veßra, Thuringia, museum tourism
There are more pictures showing the "Henneberg's"

Kloster Veßra, Thuringia, museum tourism

Filled with some political background information, I proceeded through the huge property.
I visited more houses and workshops. Certainly, people missed much of the comfort which we are used to have today, but if you love a simple life with wood fired stoves and getting your water from a well and your own supply of food from agriculture, you could enjoy little too.

Kloster Veßra, Thuringia, museum tourism

Just look for details in the houses and use your imagination as to what you would do if you lived in the past.
Unfortunately, I found only one interpreter and she was trying to get a fire started in one of the old wood stoves.
It is a good opportunity for the elderly to work as volunteers and to have contact with many people.
They should learn from Canada!

I visited an old mill. The water wheel was covered with ice. It will certainly be an attraction to see it in operation during the summer months. I hope it will be!
An important facility in each community was a brewery. Especially monks are famous for making good beer in Germany.
Don't miss to see how such a brewery looked. However, I doubt that you will get free samples of beer. Maybe the operators of the museum should think about doing so.

Kloster Veßra, Thuringia, museum tourism

Unfortunately, the door to the cloister of the abbey was locked. Another attraction - the gardens - were hidden below snow.
For that reason, I spent some more time in a barn seeing machinery which I still remember being used. When we lived in a small village in Franconia such threshing machines were still the standard.

Kloster Veßra, Thuringia, museum tourism
A threshing machine

One machine was used by all farmers and it was always an event with lots of good food for everyone who helped. As far as I remember, none of the farmers had any debts because of over spending on equipment.
As usual, I felt a craving for food and a beer after having exercised for so long in the fresh, clean air. As expected, the little coffee shop was closed at this time of the year.
So I said good-bye to the friendly lady at the gate, and enjoyed rouladen with Thuringian dumplings and a beer in the restaurant close to the parking lot.

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