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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

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German flag, tourist guide for Thuringia, Germany, tourism
Jena, Thuringia, Germany
Tourism, Travel Guide
Jena, Thuringia, coat of arms

flag Thuringia, travel guide for Thuringia, tourism, Germany

Jena is a town very rich on history and famous for its optical industry.
I believe it is not an unprofessional approach when you want to create a tourist guide and want to visit a place to collect available information and to find people who can help with advise.
I tried to do this when I planned a visit to Jena. I wanted to learn more details about the "Battle of Jena-Auerstedt" where Napoleon defeated the Prussians. Participants from many countries brought this battle back to live.
I was looking for contacts and access to the famous optical museum, the planetarium and other attractions. I needed somebody who was willing to answer my questions.
I had so much on my mind. Unfortunately, I did not get any response or only inadequate answers. For that reason I put this interesting town on the back burner. Please use the official information which exist on the Internet.
For Thuringia this kind of behavior is not unusual. Obviously, former GDR management style is still practised. On the other hand cities like Gera, Weimar and Mühlhausen provided excellent support by providing information, pictures and even free tickets. For that reason I will spend more time in Weimar whenever we visit Thuringia again.
Unfortunately, I must admit that I found similar behavior in Ontario.

My advise:
The people of Jena should think about out sourcing their town administration.
My son and I had a business appointment in the morning in Jena, but because of the poor support we did not stay there. We had guests cards for the "Avenida Therme" and spend relaxing hours there.

Jena, Thuringia, tourism
One of the pictures which I took driving through Jena

Jena, Thuringia, tourism
Driving through Jena

Erfurt Thuringia (Thüringen) some impressions- einige Impressionen

Werbung in unserem englischen Internet-Reiseführer für Thüringen

Watch the video: Feengrotten, Fairy Caves, Saalfeld, Thuringia, Thüringen

Ringberg Hotel in Suhl

The Bertholdsburg in Schleusingen host an interesting museum, Thuringia

The Toy Museum in Sonneberg, Thuringia

Thuringia, wining and dining - a guide

Sömmerda Region

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