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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

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German flag, tourist guide for Thuringia, Germany, tourism
Explore the Hildburghausen Region, Thuringia, Germany - Tourism
Travel Guide
Hildburghausen, region, Thuringia, coat of arms

flag Thuringia, travel guide for Thuringia, tourism, Germany

Many thanks for proofreading to Beth Levin

Map of the Hildburghausen Region:

map Hildburghausen region

The Hildburghausen Region was the first I visited in 2004 as my son just moved his company from the Munich area to Thuringia. Naturally, I stayed most the time in his place for economic reasons and to get a firsthand introduction to this new state of the Federal Republic of Germany.
My son was an excellent guide and I immediately liked it here. The world-famous Thuringian Forest, partly snow covered, little villages - many of them with beautifully renovated houses and local restaurants with home-cooked meals, convinced me that he made the right choice in moving his company which makes speciality lubricants to this region.

Hildburghausen Region, Dingsleben, Thuringia, tourism
Dingsleben, a little village

Celts made a similar move as my son to this region about 2500 years ago. Later, Germanic tribes took over which transferred power to Franconians and Saxons.
If you are interested in more historical details just ask for sources in any tourist information.

Hildburghausen Region, Klostrer Veßra, Thuringia, tourism
Everywhere restaurants and small hotels

Please be warned - many restaurants are not open all day long. I already raised my objections to that. Not enough business should not be a reason to keep a privately-owned business closed. I also recommend that you enjoy a real "continental breakfast" in your hotel or guest house (Gasthaus). Otherwise, you may stay hungry until noon on certain days. Carry a dictionary with you if you do not understand German. Most people in Thuringia had to learn Russian but not English!

Hildburghausen Region, Thuringia, tourism
Enjoy Thuringian fast food if you are in a hurry

You will find this kind of food stands almost everywhere.
We stopped also occasionally at one and had a fast meal. At some we saw people coming with the newest BMW's and others with bicycles to share the same food.
Don't be afraid to try something new! A Thuringian Bratwurst is normally much better than a hot dog, and chicken is also always a treat.
Also East European specialities are offered very often. Enjoy a Coke without ice! Don't ask me why most Europeans like it that way - but also they do not understand why we want to have our glass filled up with ice cubes.
One reason could be that in Germany pop is not as sweet as in North America and you must not water it down. I like theirs better.
Try mineral water - I got addicted to that.

Hildburghausen Region, Bad Colberg, Thuringia, tourism
Great spas are an attraction at any time

I am sure that you will be amazed about state-of-the-art places like the spa in little Bad Colberg or hidden treasures in one of the museums or castles.
Check our installed links. They give you an impression what to expect.
We can not show everything in our web site, especially not in the first issue which was created in winter.
Ask for printed information - unfortunately most of it is only available in German. I hope that in the meantime they have at least one English speaking person in every tourist office.
Be adventurous and try to talk to people. It can be great fun and be something which makes you laugh for many years.
Elizabeth, my wife did this at many occasions. Especially kids were patient teachers.

Hildburghausen Region, Thuringia, tourism
Hiking and walking is almost everywhere a pleasure

Spend an afternoon at "Kloster Veßra". Visit the heritage buildings which have been moved to this place to give you an impression how people in this area lived in the past. Check our web site for more details. Ask any tourism office for concerts. If you love classical music you may have found the right place.
But they also have other concerts. Just watch the video below.

Hildburghausen Region, Kloster Veßra, Thuringia, tourism
Kloster Veßra, an old abbey surrounded by heritage buildings from this area

Visit the Bertholdsburg in Schleusingen and browse through the museum.
It is really a surprise what kind of treasures you will find there. Our web site gives you only a rough overview.
I am confident that even your children will love it.
"Veste Heldburg", other local museums, and a trout farm are other great places for sightseeing. Check for events such as that one which we experienced on Father's Day!
Hildburghausen Region, Schleusingen, Thuringia, tourism
The museum in the Bertholdsburg can keep you busy for a long time

If you never have tried Russian food you can do this in Gleicherwiesen. My son showed me that place and we had a good time there. It is not diet food!

Hildburghausen Region, Gleicherwiesen, Thuringia, tourism
Enjoy it there!

Hildburghausen Region, Gleicherwiesen, Thuringia, tourism
Sometimes they have life music there!

Watch the video "Seldom Sober Company - live Kloster Veßra"

Werbung in unserem englischen Internet-Reiseführer für Thüringen

The Toy Museum in Sonneberg, Thuringia

The Bertholdsburg in Schleusingen host an interesting museum, Thuringia

Ringberg Hotel in Suhl

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Erfurt Thuringia (Thüringen) some impressions- einige Impressionen

Sömmerda Region
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Many thanks to Pat Pagaono for allowing use to use his music
We enjoyed the home cooking in this little restaurant. I hope we can come back!
Teccem, specialty lubricants, fluorinated oils, greases and much more