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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

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Thuringia, Germany
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Heinrichser Maifest in Suhl-Heinrichs, Thuringia

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After the official opening was over all the activities of this event started. Live medieval music was played, performers in medieval costumes appeared and people stated to enjoy the offered food and drinks.

event, Suhl, Heintichs, Thuringia, tourism
event, Suhl, Heintichs, Thuringia, tourism
Everybody was in a good mood. Especially the kids had great fun to watch the spectacle.

event, Suhl, Heintichs, Thuringia, tourism
A variant of Rumpelstilzchen was performed - not only for the little ones- Elizabeth listened too
event, Suhl, Heintichs, Thuringia, tourism
Riding on a donkey or a pony was one of the other adventures offered for children

event, Suhl, Heintichs, Thuringia, tourism

The musicians were essential to create a unique medieval atmosphere.
event, Suhl, Heintichs, Thuringia, tourism

I was really fascinated by their performances and their costumes.
I can spend hours talking to musicians, actors and vendors. I do the same in Canada when volunteers from all over North America meet to bring historical events such as the siege of Fort Erie back to live.
Elizabeth who I consider to be a shopping monster had great fun talking in her special German to almost all of the vendors.
event, Suhl, Heintichs, Thuringia, tourism
event, Suhl, Heintichs, Thuringia, tourism

Because this was the beginning of our tour through Thuringia, she hesitated to spend too much money on the "Heinrichser Maifest" in Suhl.
At the end of our trip all her shopping money was gone but she told me that she got very unique things and that most of the items on her wish list were cheaper than in Canada - even when they have been imported from the USA such as perfumes and creme.
Please be always aware that all shown prices include the applicable VAT (value added tax) and that on events like this you may be able to get a better price than shown when you talk to the vendors.

event, Suhl, Heintichs, Thuringia, tourism
The vendors were very patient with Elizabeth and explained their work in detail
event, Suhl, Heintichs, Thuringia, tourism

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Thuringia, wining and dining - a guide

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