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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

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Thuringia, Germany
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Heinrichser Maifest in Suhl-Heinrichs, Thuringia

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When we arrived 2006 in Suhl, Thuringia, to work on our Internet travel guide, we experienced end of May cold and rainy weather. A few days later this was replaced by an unusual heat wave.
However, we knew that every day of our tour through this "new" state which was part of the GDR before the unification of Germany would be filled with fun, exciting things to see, new experiences, and many activities or events. I can confirm that at the end of our trip that we have never been bored and time went much too fast. But not everything that we wanted to do we could accomplished.
How can anybody see all of Europe in seven days?

We had a permanent accommodation in Suhl, the most important town in Southern Thuringia. Heinrichs is now part of Suhl.
The "Heinrichser Maifest" had its 12 th. anniversary this year and the money collected will help to renovate the historical town hall.
We arrived early enough not to miss the grand official opening at 2:00 pm and to familiarize ourselves with the program and to stroll through the alley with all the vendors and musicians.
We can not list the numerous events which take place in Thuringia. Just visit the tourist office of the town or village where you are staying and ask.
If you are lucky, you may find a person who can speak some English.
event, Suhl, Heintichs, Thuringia, tourism

I hope that the responsible officials in Ontario read this statement because they told us several times that everybody in Germany speaks English and that their is no need to attract them to our province in the German language.

event, Suhl, Heintichs, Thuringia, tourism
The court of this historical restaurant was later after the opening ceremony an attraction for many guests.
event, Suhl, Heintichs, Thuringia, tourism
We used a horn like this at the "Lutherschmaus" a medieval feast in Eisenach

We talked to many of the very friendly craftsmen. Elizabeth, my wife used her dictionary when needed and most the time the conversation ended with a big laugh. I was very proud of her because even I had problems sometimes in understanding the local dialect. I was feeling like when I was in Newfoundland I often could not understand a single word, but enjoyed the friendliness of the people.
Despite the bad weather the festival area became more and more crowded and the smell of barbecued sausages was in the air. Luckily, we did not eat lunch before going to the "Heinrichser Maifest".

event, Suhl, Heintichs, Thuringia, tourism
I believe these sausages taste the best when barbecued over charcoal
event, Suhl, Heintichs, Thuringia, tourism
You should have something to eat first before drinking

Suddenly we heard some explosions. Elizabeth jumped. But it was not a terrorist attack - it was the official opening of the festival was announced. We rushed the old "Rathaus" (the German name for town hall).

event, Suhl, Heintichs, Thuringia, tourism
Smoke came out of the open windows of the old building
event, Suhl, Heintichs, Thuringia, tourism

event, Suhl, Heintichs, Thuringia, tourism
event, Suhl, Heintichs, Thuringia, tourism

The Celtic background of this area is visible everywhere. We visited the "Celtic Spa" (Keltenbad) in Bad Salzungen and here many craftsmen dedicated their work to the Celts.

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Werbung in unserem englischen Internet-Reiseführer für Thüringen

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