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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

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Explore Greiz, Thuringia, Germany
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Greiz, Thuringia, coat of arms

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Greiz has two castles - similar as Kranichfeld - an upper and a lower castle. The lower castle is located in the town center and the German name is "Unteres Schloss".Greiz was on of my priority list of towns to see again when I came to Thuringia in June 2005.
Unfortunately, this was not possible. It was just too much to see and do in Thuringia and my wife Elizabeth had to return earlier to Canada for personal reasons. Without her help I was falling behind schedule.
However, we both agreed to spend time again in Thuringia and to complete the first issue of our travel guide.
I believe that my information are still actual. I want to thank the tourist office from Greiz and Wolfgang Mecir for who allowed me to use their pictures. The pictures I have are not really suitable because I took them some time ago when the weather was really bad in January.

Greiz, Thuringia, tourism
Greiz with the dominating "Upper Castle" - many thanks to Wolfgang Mecir

Greiz, Thuringia, tourism
The so called "Upper Castle" in Greiz - many thanks to the tourist office from Greiz

This castle was seriously damaged during a fire which had spread all over the town in 1802.
As you can see it was reconstructed in a classical style.
Certainly a must to see if you are interested in castles and in history.
Start your visit at the tourist information office which is located in this castle. You should find there also a coffee shop. Just sit down there with a good cup of strong coffee and some baked Thuringian specialities and study the information which you have received.
Don't study them at home in your country - it is too late to see and do things which you missed. Believe me - things like this happened even to me.

Greiz, Thuringia, tourism
Participate in one of the guided tours
Greiz, Thuringia, tourism
Young people are also interested in the "Upper Castle"
Many thanks to the tourist office from Greiz

I always loved to join guided tours in Thuringia as well as in Canada. Normally, they are not boring. You hear even a little bit of gossip, but also very many helpful and interesting information. It is always good to understand what you see! I hope that today also tour guides which can explain things in English are on duty - at least in the high season. Why not hire some retired teachers or students if volunteers are not available?
I hope that in the meantime all tourist offices in major cities have somebody on duty who speaks English. In Jamaica I could get information in very good German.

Greiz was mentioned for the first time in the year 1209 and became a town in 1359.
Greiz has a population of about 22 000. Many cities in former East Germany are not growing any longer. Younger people have to go to places where they can find a job and the remaining population is getting older and older.
The town is nestled in the valley of a small creek called the " Weiße Elster" and surrounded by forests. The area is well known under the name "Vogtland" and attracts many hikers.
Visit the "Stadtkirche St. Marien". If you want to learn more about the large organ in it contact the:
Evangelisch-Lutherische Superintendentur Greiz
Burgplatz 1
07973 Greiz
Phone:0 36 61 / 45 67 49 (within Germany)
You may be even allowed to play the organ.

Greiz is certainly a nice place to stay and to explore the surroundings.

Greiz, Thuringia, tourism
"St. Marien"
Many thanks to the tourist office from Greiz

Greiz, Thuringia, tourism
The "Lower Castle" in Greiz - many thanks to Wolfgang Mecir

Greiz, Thuringia, tourism
The "Upper Castle" in Greiz - many thanks to Wolfgang Mecir

Greiz has a beautiful park. The following picture shows a painting by an unknown painter. It dates back to the year 1799.
This park is still in every season an attraction - only during my visit the weather was so bad that I did not want to leave the car. This can happen everywhere.
During sun shine walk to white cross (Weißes Kreuz) which you can see on a hill and enjoy the sight. The official name of the white cross is "Sophienkreuz". It was erected by Prince Heinrich XX. Reuss in memory of his early deceased first wife.

Greiz, Thuringia, tourism
Many thanks to Wolfgang Mecir and the "Staatliche Bücher-und Kupferstichsammlung Greiz"

Greiz, Thuringia, tourism

Spend a few relaxing hours in the park and visit there the "Sommerpalais". I was built between 1768 and 1769.
The park is also a little paradise for bird watchers. Maybe you can take pictures of some birds unknown to you.

Greiz, Thuringia, tourism

Greiz, Thuringia, tourism
A magpie - many thanks to Wolfgang Mecir

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