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Your Travel Guide for Bavaria - Germany
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Explore Englmar
Straubing-Bogen Region
Lower Bavaria
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Bavaria, tourism, travel guide

Coat of arms St. Englmar

The "St." in the name indicates the connection to a saint and Catholicism. Many pilgrims came in past time to honor "Waldvater Englmar" and to ask for his blessing and help.
According to my knowledge, pilgrims are no longer coming, but every year on Whit Monday a play with religious background is performed. Please not a few years past since our visit and Elizabeth who took normally many notes was bust with other things when we tin St. Englmar.
I think St. Englmar is an attraction at any season. However, I am a summer person and I never have been here in winter.
St. Englmar is perfect for visitors who want to be active or just relax. I prefer a mixture of both. I love biking better than walking, would go swimming and certainly you could find us in a sauna. Eventually we would try "summer sledding" at "Egidi Buckel" - even when this theme park is more tailored for families with kids.

St. Englmar in summer

St. Englmar in winter

I think a nice place to enjoy nature

We only stayed for two days in St Englmar and enjoyed it very much.
We could have extended the time if we would not have to go back to work. Even Elizabeth was working - her Canadian degree as a "Registered Nurse" was accepted.
We enjoyed the local food - most the time with some beer and worked all the calories off by walking or hiking in the unspoiled nature of the Bavarian Forest.

A chapel - many thanks to "Konrad Lackerbeck" and Wikipedia

St. Englmar again - many thanks to "Konrad Lackerbeck" and Wikipedia

Checking the Internet I found out that St Englmar has now also a so called treetop path. It did not exist when we were in the Bavarian Forest. However we visited one in Thuringia and it was an unforgettable experience. Just visit our travel guide for Thuringia to see how it was.

A treetop path in Maibrunn close to St. Englmar- many thanks to "Michael Wolf" and Wikipedia

Many thanks for some of the pictures to the Tourist Board of Bavaria and involved communities

Let's Go to Bavaria

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