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Your Travel Guide for Bavaria - Germany
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Explore Eastern Bavaria
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Eastern Bavaria consists of the political regions
"Upper Palatine" and "Lower Bavaria".
For better understanding we show you the following maps.
Mit Ostbayern werden die beiden bayerischen Regierungsbezirke Niederbayern (Regierungssitz: Landshut) und Oberpfalz (Regierungssitz: Regensburg) bezeichnet, die an Tschechien und Österreich angrenzen. Die Hauptflüsse dieses Gebietes sind Donau, Regen, Naab, Ilz, Inn und Isar. Das Gebiet wird vor allem durch Mittelgebirge wie Bayerischer Wald und Oberpfälzer Wald beherrscht, es gibt aber auch Tiefländer wie den Gäuboden.

Eastern Bavaria:

map Eastern Bavaria
Many thanks to the "Studio für Landkartentechnik, Norderstedt"

Map of Upper Palatinate:

Map Upper Paladine
Map of Lower Bavaria
Map lower Bavaria

Eastern Bavaria is the destination of many tourists from all over the world. One of the major attractions is the Bavarian Forest.

Bavraian Forest
People in Europe love their forests

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With a few exceptions all forests in Germany are open to the public. They are not fenced in and you will find no signs which prohibit trespassing. People are walking, collecting wild berries, mushrooms and just enjoying nature.

Bavarian Forest
Kids have their fun

The Bavarian Forest together with the surrounding forests form a large refuge for wild animals and for nature lovers to enjoy. You will even find National Parks with wolves, bison, lynx and other animals which are returning to their original habitat.
Eastern Bavaria also offers a wide selection of well known health and beauty spas. The river Danube is another attraction where you will find an exciting variety of cities and townships with a long colorful history. Some of the places were established by the Romans when their Empire spread through wide parts of Europe.
Since the fall of the iron curtain it is easy to travel to the Czech Republic (at least for Europeans) and to Austria, now part of the European Union.
Lower Bavaria still is mostly agricultural, even when modern industry like BMW have settled there. Have you ever seen hops growing? Elizabeth my wife, was amazed. She even tried and loved the beer for which it is used. She also tested salad made of hops.
Eastern Bavaria is very famous for its glass industry. You will find many glass works. If you follow the "Glasstraße" (glass road) it will lead you in the art of glass making and painting.

glass road

Many thanks for pictures to the Tourist Board of Bavaria and involved communities

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