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Explore Buchloe
Ostallgäu Region, Bavaria, Swabia
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Coat of arms Buchloe

The municipality of Buchloe includes now the communities Jengen, Lamerdingen and Waal.
Buchloe was originally founded in the 9th. century. It had today a population of about 12 000.
In medieval times Buchloe experienced extensive damage by wars and fire. If you are interested in more details please contact a tourist office in Buchloe or check Wikipedia.
We only were on our way to Bad Wörishofen and stopped only briefly in Buchloe for a coffee and gas.
Sorry for that!
But we have visited close by Waal later after I told Elizabeth that there are also passions plays to see. She wanted to see those in Oberammergau but not in the year when we lived in Germany.
As I said we did not stay for a descend time in Buchloe. We did only a very short sightseeing tour by car. I took all of our pictures from the car. They all got lost when my computer was stolen.
Many thanks again to everybody who helped me to visualize my memories.
A little castle in Buchloe - many thanks to Erich Portenreuther

Postberg in Buchloe- many thanks to Johann Bigielmaier

The local pool

Waal Passion Play
Passion Play in Waal
It was during another trip to the Allgäu when we stopped at Waal to find out a little bit more about the passion play.
The started aft Swabia was hit by the plaque in the years around 1626.
A special theater was built where they are performed today. Similar to the plays in Oberammergau local people are acting in them. They have received good critics.
We promised to follow up their schedules, but we had to return to Canada and had never a chance to see them.
Please contact the community if you need more and actual information.
We visited the Pfarrkirche St. Anna and especially Elizabeth was impressed when she saw the interior. As far as I can remember my pictures were not as good as those sown below.

Theatre in Waal - many thanks to "Richard Mayer" and Wikipedia

Pfarrkirche St. Anna - many thanks to "Richard Mayer" and Wikipedia

Pfarrkirche St. Anna - many thanks to "Dark Avenger" and Wikipedia

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