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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

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Thuringia, Germany

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Thuringia tourist destination in Germany

A visit to the "Buchenwald Memorial" in Thuringia

Contact Information:

Gedenkstätte Buchenwald
99427 Weimar-Buchenwald
Phone: 011 49 3643/4300
Fax: 011 49 3643/430100

Opening hours:
April-October 10 am – 6 pm (admission until 5:30 pm)
November to March 10 am – 4 pm
(admission until 3:30 pm)

Closed Mondays

All of the outdoor facilities are accessible daily until sundown.
We recommend to use e-mail or fax if you do not speak German

I do not want to show only nice things in our travel guide for Thuringia and keep my eyes closed for the darkest chapter of Germany's history. When I was in Weimar I had to decide to visit either the "Bauhaus" and eventually also the "Schillerhaus" or "Buchenwald" one of the concentration camps built and operated during the Third Reich. As you see I choose "Buchenwald". My web site is just based on what I saw. I will not go in all the terrible details. I recommend that you visit the official English web site. I never could do all the research and I also do not want to copy the work of others.
In was not surprised that the visit is free. However, I was surprised to see so many young people from all over the world as well a young soldiers from the German army.
Buchenwald Memorial, concentration camp, Thuringia
Most visitors were young people from all over the world

A meeting center for young people is obviously providing an excellent educational service.
During my tour I was always surrounded by the youngsters and when they were still giggling at the beginning they became calmer and calmer as more they learned what humans can do to each other.

Buchenwald Memorial, concentration camp, Thuringia
The former gate with observation platform
Buchenwald Memorial, concentration camp, Thuringia
A very cynical message

This message which you will find at the gate could be translated with "Everybody get's what he deserves". I hope this applied also for those people who were responsible for all the misery and for those who are still doing things like that.

Buchenwald Memorial, concentration camp, Thuringia
Young people seeing the so called "bunkers" where prisoners were tortured and interrogated
Buchenwald Memorial, concentration camp, Thuringia
Young people left flowers, candles and messages

As I learned that the Russians took over the camp and used it in a similar way. Just read all the posted information when you walk through the camp. "Do crimes from some Germans justify crimes from other nations"? I hope not! Thanks to a free press in most countries they can't be kept secret and hidden for too long any more and will hopefully be stopped.

Buchenwald Memorial, concentration camp, Thuringia
All buildings are filled with information
Buchenwald Memorial, concentration camp, Thuringia
I was not supposed to go into the work room where artifacts are cleaned

Prisoners of concentration camps had to work to keep the war machinery going. Lots of production was done in underground facilities.

The famous jet fighter ME 262 was assembled there as well as the V1 and V2 missiles. Many of the slave workers did not survive under the working conditions. Most of this kind of production took place in Thuringia.

Buchenwald Memorial, concentration camp, Thuringia
The crematorium
Buchenwald Memorial, concentration camp, Thuringia
The pathology area

Plan a full day for a visit to the "Buchenwald concentration camp".
Talk to the young people about their impressions. Be prepared to walk long distances.
Ask for guided tours. According to my experience not everything is accessible for handicapped people. For sound information please use the official web site. It is available in German, English and French.
Naturally you will find a restaurant there. I think it is an excellent meeting place with other visitors. You can share your feelings with them and discuss what you have seen.
Buchenwald Memorial, concentration camp, Thuringia
Everywhere young people

The reason why you can not see the living quarters of the inmates is the fact that they all have been torn down. I do not know the reason for that because I consider this as an important part of this memorial. However, the locations of the barracks are marked.

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