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Thuringia, Germany
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A visit to the "Baumkronenpfad" (treetop path) at the National Park Hainich, Thuringia, Germany

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Contact Information:
Nationalpark Hainich
Bei der Marktkirche 9
99947 Bad Langensalza
Phone 011 49 3603/390728
Fax 011 49 3603/390720
Hours of Operation:
April to October daily between 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
November to March from daily between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

We recommend to use e-mail or fax if you do not speak German
Actual location of the treetop path see map below.

During my visit of Thuringia in 2005 the "Baumkronenpfad". (treetop path) was still under construction. However, I received so interesting information that scheduled a visit in 2006 to add this unique attraction to our Internet travel guide for Thuringia.
I am glad that we did so because it was another day filled with new impressions of the internationally not too well know state which was part of the former GDR (German Democratic Republic).
As far as I know there have not too many tree-top paths created world wide and when you are in Thuringia you should spend the required time for a visit. Preferable when the weather conditions are good.
I hope the map on the right side will be of some help to find the "Baumkronenpfad" how it is called in German.

Baumkronenpfad, tree top path, Hainich, Thuringia, tourism, travel guide

We hat not problems to find the right direction because my son was driving and his car is equipped with a state-of-the art navigation system. Each required turn was announced in time and I am wondering why cars in Canada are not equipped with this feature without being forced to pay an arm and a leg for it. It would have saved me quiet a bit of gas.
Luckily this has changed in the meantime!
When we arrived we still found lots of free parking on a clean parking lot. The sun was blasting down and we hurried to an information hut to familiarize ourselves.

This was very helpful because we did not have a glue what to expect. Unfortunately, not a single word in English. The responsible people should visit the "Pummpälzweg" (see our web site) and see how nicely they designed their signs. You should never stop learning!
I will include the most essential information in this site.
It was shortly after 10:00 am when we arrived and we were one of the first visitors. The vendors were just opening their stands where you can buy later food and beverages.
Construction work around the tree-top path was still not completed. As I was told better washrooms are one of the priorities. I hope this will be completed soon because the present facilities are not exactly pleasant.
But please use them before you climb up to the path - you will not find any there.

Just follow the sign "Baumkronenpfad". Other signs direct you to different hiking paths which we did not do.
It is not allowed to leave those spathes in order to protect the primeval forest. Also smoking is banned to reduce the hazard of a forest fire.

Baumkronenpfad, tree top path, Hainich, Thuringia, tourism, travel guide
Signs for hikers
Baumkronenpfad, tree top path, Hainich, Thuringia, tourism, travel guide
One of the oldest (far over 500 years!) and thickest oak trees of the park

Intentionally no human activities such as spraying against insects, taking out dead wood etc. are allowed.
The reason for that is to create a really natural environment with living conditions for many endangered species. For example a certain bats sleeps during the day time preferable in caves which they find in dead trees. Spiders and other insects find their living place in composting wood.
On our walk to the tree-top path we listened to the birds and enjoyed the clean air.

Baumkronenpfad, tree top path, Hainich, Thuringia, tourism, travel guide
The entrance area to the treetop path

Baumkronenpfad, tree top path, Hainich, Thuringia, tourism, travel guide
The first small beer

Baumkronenpfad, tree top path, Hainich, Thuringia, tourism, travel guide
Baumkronenpfad, tree top path, Hainich, Thuringia, tourism, travel guide

Elizabeth took several pictures from the place shown on the left. She was a great help by doing that.

I was told that musicians play occasionally from this tree top when special events take place.
This year we participated in various local festivities in Thuringia and we always had a good time.
Please join even when you do not speak German.
After we had purchased our ticket at the entrance in the small building we climbed up many stairs to reach the path. The building was built around a tree obviously to save it and as an additional attraction. I was not looking for the elevator and I can not remember having seen any signs.
I think it is a great feature for older or handicapped visitors. Next time I will use the elevator too. Thuringia has too many stairs - just watch!

The path has a length of approximately 300 m (980 feet) and is easy to walk. It is about 25 m (82 feet above ground.
The path is not carried by the trees. It is a solid construction using steel masts. Special attention has been spend to prevent any damage if the trees are moving during strong wind or a storm.
Please don't rush or you will miss things. Check for birds, butterflies and other creatures.
Especially woodpeckers prefer the tree tops of old trees because they find all kind of delicatessen here. Elizabeth was especially fascinated by the different views on the forest.
Local artists used wild animals of the "National Park Hainich" to beautify the path. Elizabeth took pictures of all of them. At the end of the path you could vote for your favorite one.

Baumkronenpfad, tree top path, Hainich, Thuringia, tourism, travel guide

treetop path, Baumkronenpfad, Thuringia, tourism
Being slow at the beginning more and more visitors appeared.
We studied the provided information, sat down on one of the seat benches made of solid wood and took many pictures. It was very relaxing and we agreed that it was one of the many highlights to visit in Thuringia.
treetop path, Baumkronenpfad, Thuringia, tourism
Wheel chair accessible!
Baumkronenpfad, tree top path, Hainich, Thuringia, tourism, travel guide
Watch the video: Visit the "Tree Top Path" in the Hainich Nationalpark, Thuringia

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