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Your Travel Guide for Bavaria - Germany
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Explore Bad Tölz
Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen Region
Upper Bavaria
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Civic arms Bad Tölz

I always felt like the typical camera toting vacationer when I came to Bad Tölz. In my younger years I was mesmerized by watching the gliders in the skies above. I thought there must be a nest of them and I started to search for their airfield. I had no problem in finding it and what followed to my great excitement was an unforgettable ride in a double seated glider.
Being the adventurous person I am I even tried para sailing in Jamaica, but there is no comparison to the excitement I experienced behind the pilot in the glider.

Bad Tölz on the river Isar

Elizabeth shared my feelings about the famous Bad Tölz and when friends from Canada visited us, we made sure this town was always major part of our sightseeing tour.

Bad Tölz
Downtown shopping can take hours
Bad Tölz
and hours if you are in the right mood and have sufficient spending money. Some of our visitors went a little bit over board with that.
Be aware that you will be charged by your air line when you exceed certain weight limitations.

You will enjoy walking through the historical downtown of Bad Tölz and to explore many of the boutiques. Don't forget your camera.
Some major credit cards are accepted but cash speaks louder than plastic.
Stop off and indulge a specialty coffee and calorie laden pastry. At dinner time treat yourself to a delicious supper at one of the local restaurants, but if you are only thirsty, don't worry, you can quench your thirst at any restaurant and just order a soft drink, beer, tea or coffee.
Staying a few days in Bad Tölz would be well worth your while. Munich is close by and your have many attractions in and around the town itself.
Bad Tölz
Don't miss the winter wonderland

Walking and biking, spending a day in the "Alpamare" (swimming, sauna), visiting the "Heimatmuseum" or the marionette theater are only a few things one can do. Explore the "Isarwinkel". That is the area along the river Isar and try to get tickets for the famous rafting from Wolfratshausen to Munich. Use the "Blomberg-Sesselbahn" (Chair lift) and take a "sled" ride down the mountain on a nice summer day. Check out golfing or participate in all kind of winter sports during that season.

Kur Haus
The "Kurhaus"
Bad Tölz is also a well known place for a "Kur". That is a natural treatment that helps to improve your health.
Years ago it was paid by the health insurance when a doctor wrote a prescription. It was a booming business for many communities and respective clinics.
I believe because of the increasing costs for the health care system severe restriction apply and many people must pay now out of their own pocket. More about this at the end of this web site.
I thinks it is a better investment than in cigarettes or excessive drinking and eating.
Visit a "Kurhaus" and ask for details.
We are already happy when we can enjoy one of the beautiful spas with all the different swimming pools, a sauna, and much more for a few hours. No comparison to the "spas" in Ontario. Please try it at least once! Visit our travel guide for Thuringia to see numerous links to spas which we had visited. Be aware about the dress code in a German sauna - you have to go in the nude and sit on a towel.

I Bad Tölz I had my first and only flight in a glider. It was an unforgettable little adventure and not expensive
The glider is hooked by a cable to a winch. After a certain altitude is reached, the cable is dropped and the pilot will look for rising air currents to gain more height. This sport is very popular in Germany.
Landing is an experience in itself but I was never afraid and would love to do it again.
This is the spot where I took my only ride in a glider

Bad Tölz

These pictures show you a little of the scenery which you will encounter while walking or cross country skiing.
In Germany the countryside is open to everyone. People are thought at an early age to respect the environment. The fields and forests are not fenced in (unless to protect small areas from the deer) but it is expected that you stay away from planted fields and always respect signs that indicate endangered species of flora and fauna.

Being a registered nurse Elizabeth learned about the German health care system when we lived there. It is the opposite of the Canadian one. In Canada you don't pay too much into it, in Germany you pay too much in it. That are the reasons why both systems are abused. On the other side education was free in Germany but not in Canada.
Nevertheless, she was impressed with the fact that there is so much emphasis on the prevention of illness and proper recovery.
To go on a "Kur" is very popular and many towns and villages have the environment and the facilities to have the word "Bad" in front of the name. "Bad" doesn't mean "bad" it indicates that the village or town is recognized for its health treatment facilities which are properly staffed with doctors, nurses and therapists. For German citizens, such a treatment was normally free or only for a nominal charge. When you are still working you take a paid sick leave.
Since we are no longer in Germany, we realize how much we both would need such treatment now especially with our arthritic increasing in pur old bones.
Bad Tölz offers a variety of treatments when you have problems with your: heart, respiratory tract, joints, rheumatism, etc.
During my last visit I took by accident black and whit pictures. I show only four of them.

Bad Tölz

Bad Tölz

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