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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

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Bad Colberg, Thuringia, Germany - Tourism
Travel Guide
Bad Colberg, Heldburg, Thuringia, coat of arms

flag Thuringia, travel guide for Thuringia, tourism, Germany

Bad Colberg is a tiny little village in the southern part of the Hildburghausen Region.
The first time I arrived in January 2004 at lunch time and had a good meal in a restaurant, called the "Seysingshof". When I talked to Corinna, the owner, I also asked her about the wellness center which I had discovered when I was circling through this little village.
I also was the sole guest in the restaurant and I started wondering how people can make there living here - but obviously they do. It was quiet different when I lived in Bavaria and we visited various well known places.
Normally, I do not want to be surrounded by a big crowd. It is quieter and the service is much better and you have a chance to talk to people.
She recommended a visit. Luckily I had my swim wear and a small towel in the car and I decided to follow her advise and to visit the spa.
I was still a little curious because Bad Colberg looked very deserted to me at this Friday afternoon in January and I was prepared to be alone in the facilities.
Bad Colberg, Thuringia, tourism
The "Seysingshof" (l.h.) in Bad Colberg, Thuringia

However, I told my self that I needed some exercises after trying all the Thuringian food in the "Seysingshof" I especially enjoyed the home baked pastry.
As you can see nobody was on the street. Only a lonely cat came and wanted to be paddled.
The health spa looked very impressive from the outside with its futuristic design.
Almost all parking spots in front of the spa were taken when I arrived with my little yellow rental car. I squeezed it into a gap, grabbed my swim wear and rushed to the entrance of the health center.
The entrance fee includes the use of the sauna and depends from the time you want to spend there. I only paid for 1 1/2 hours but was told that I can pay for the difference if I stay longer. I enjoyed everything so much that I exceeded that time - but I was not charged an extra fee.
Cabins for changing the cloths are provided as well as individual lockers. If you want to use the sauna you must have at least one big towel to sit on. Please be aware that especially in Germany both genders normally share the sauna in the nude. Even children participate. This is normal and everybody behaves properly. If you have any questions ask when you buy your ticket.

Bad Colberg, Thuringia, tourism
The wellness center was a big surprise when I arrived during winter

Bad Colberg, Thuringia, tourism
Now I was almost speechless

I expected something fancy, but I was not prepared to find in a tiny little village anything like this.
Pools everywhere. All located on different levels. All with different water temperatures. Accessible by comfortable stairs or by elevators and ramps for the handicapped. Also the lifting devices to launch them into the pools were provided everywhere.
The water was crystal clear and there was no chlorine smell.
Chlorine had been replaced by ozone and high tech techniques already years ago in many public pools and this spa was brand new.
Within a few minutes, I decided to stay as long as wanted and to pay the additional fee. I started to test every pool. Naturally, I could not make up my mind which one I liked the best. So I went for and back all the time. I has some small talk with the people and time as going by very fast.
Without any doubt one of my favorites was the outdoor pool with very salty hot water. I was told that this is excellent for your skin. It is recommended not to stay longer than 30 minutes in that pool. Then you should change to another one. This was not a problem because you had easy access to the main building through the water. There was no need to expose yourself to the ice cold air.
I spent time in whirlpools. Then I switched over to a pool where people had fun to swim against a strong current produced by several pumps.
In other pools suddenly water mixed with big air bubbles coming from the bottom and everybody tried to stay within this eruptions.
I also checked the sauna, but I did not have a large towel with me and you need that to sit on. I was too lazy to go back to the entrance to purchase one.

Bad Colberg, Thuringia, health spa, tourism
Try to swim against the current
Bad Colberg, Thuringia, tourism
Pools everywhere

Bad Colberg, Thuringia, tourism
A hot salt water spring feeds this pool

I kept my promise. I even brought my son to this place.

Bad Colberg, Thuringia, tourism
Bad Colberg in summer

If you get hungry or thirsty, there is no need to starve. A cafeteria provides all the essentials. A week later, I came back with my son to show him what I had discovered. He loved it here too and we both enjoyed the hot outdoor pool.

The health spa was also an attraction in summer 2005

Elizabeth my wife was very impressed by the variety of facilities. She tried almost everything including the sauna. The only thing she did not need was a tanning bed. She did this outside in the sun.
We both were surprised that lots of accommodation was offered around this health center and obviously also well booked.
After extensive use of the spa - we had to pay some extra money, we drove to the "Seysingshof" and what a surprise - it was crowded.

Bad Colberg, Thuringia, tourism
We enjoyed a coffee with home baked cake

Bad Colberg, Thuringia, tourism
Real whipped cream and tasty strawberries

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