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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

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German flag, tourist guide for Thuringia, Germany, tourism
Explore Bad Blankenburg
Thuringia, Germany
Tourism, Travel Guide

flag Thuringia, travel guide for Thuringia, tourism, Germany

The little town of "Bad Blankenburg" was first mentioned in the year 1267. Naturally without the word "Bad" which was granted much later and does not mean "bad". It indicates that the respective place has been recognized and qualified for health treatments. Clean air and special facilities are a prerequisite to earn this title.

Bad Blankenburg, Thuringia, tourism
The "Rathaus" (city hall, not rat house!) of Bad Blankenburg

I was beaten by the heat and found free parking on the market place in front of the city hall. I needed something cold to drink to recover. I gave up my plan to visit the landmark of Bad Blankenburg, the castle "Greifenstein". I hope that I can do this another time to include it in our travel guide.
A group of bikers arrived after me and I became jealous. Even wearing heavy leather and riding a bike on a hot day is more comfortable than a car without air condition. At least as long as you are driving.

Bad Blankenburg, Thuringia, tourism
Thuringia is great for biking. I would have liked to travel like that!

Bad Blankenburg, Thuringia, tourism
Bad Blankenburg downtown
After I had recovered I walked a few steps down the road, but soon I realized that this was not a good idea. It was too hot and my free parking time was also almost over.
I was surprised to learn during my visits of Thuringia that they produce wine here. In the past Bad Blankenburg was one of these places.
Today the grapes have been replaced by lavender. In Ontario tobacco is replaced by ginseng.
Whenever you hear the word "kindergarten" you should know that the first one was created by Friedrich Fröbel a long time resident of this town. Visit the local museum dedicated to him.
I loved this little town with a population of a little bit over 6000 and I think Elizabeth would love it too.
Unfortunately, we never mad it back.
It is amazing what you can do here to keep you busy for several days.

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