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Travel guide for Thuringia, Germany

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Thuringia, Germany

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A visit to the Protestant Augustinian Priory (Augustinerkloster) in Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany

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Contact Information:
Evangelisches Augustinerkloster zu Erfurt
Augustinerstraße 10
99084 Erfurt
Phone 011 49 361 576600
Fax 011 49 361 5766099
For prices and events please visit the official German web site:
Evangelisches Augustinerkloster zu Erfurt
Guided tours:
April to October - Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 12 am and 2:00 to 5:00 pm
November to March from daily - Monday to Saturday 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm
Sundays and German holidays after the service beginning at 11:00 am
and at 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm
December 24 at 10:00 am and 11:00 am
December 25/26 and January 31 at 11:00 am
January 1 at 11:00 am

We recommend to use e-mail or fax if you do not speak German

We know that we must add many more information about Erfurt and other famous cities from Thuringia to our travel guide to promote tourism. Time and money restrict our activities.
Mr. Enders who operates since many years a coffee shop in Erfurt was always very helpful to point things out to us. One of the recommendations was the "Augustinerkloster" or the Protestant Augustinian Priory which dates back to the year 1277 when the Augustinian Eremiten settled here.
Today, no monks are living there any longer. The last died in 1556 and in 1559 the monastery was secularized by the city of Erfurt. Today it is a according to the Lutheran principles a place to meet and to pray.

Not having a navigation system in our little rental car we got lost and were driving in circles.
Please get a free full size map of Erfurt at the tourist information.
Our small section may also help then to locate the abbey.
Parking is close by. Please do not forget to put enough money in the park meter. Please calculate at least three hours if you participate only in the fast German tour and if you want to have some spare time on top of it./div>
Direction to the Augustinerkloster in Erfurt
Many thanks for the map to the "Verein Städtetourismus in Thüringen e.V."

After having been there I recommend that you search for a long term parking if you do not want to rush through this former monastery and have sufficient time to familiarize yourself about the history.
Martin Luther lived here for several years as monk and certainly you can learn more about his work here.
Our web site should not replace an actual visit!

Protestant Augustinian Priory, Erfurt, Thuringia
The cafeteria offers baked goods. You can select between sitting onside or outside.
Naturally, we did not have any idea what we had to expect and we arrived at a time were just one guided tour had left.
So we had to wait in the cafeteria which is operated by sisters who belong to the "Communität Casteller Ring".
They live and work in the Augustinerkloster and invite you to pray with them. The place offers even accommodation in 51 guest rooms without TV, radio or phone, but with shower and toilet for very reasonable prices. Breakfast is included! Also lunch and dinner are provided.
Eventually we will stay there sometime because than we have direct access to almost everything and can hopefully learn more by talking to certain people and listen to one of the concerts which normally take place on Saturdays at 10:00 pm in the cloister.

Please note: normally you should not even talk there!
We were very pleased to see so much interest in this place on a week day and - as everybody else did - we picked up some information. One leaflet was even in English.

Time was passing fast and we were surprised when the previous group with there guide already returned.
We joined the already assembled visitors and the tour began without any delay.
Not a single word in English and Elizabeth got lost and looked at the beautiful architecture, the flowers and the plants as long as we were outside.
As in almost all cities items of high cultural or historical value were stored away during the war or sometimes if this was not easy a little bunker was built to protect them.
Buildings however could not be protected and on February 25, 1945 a huge bomb destroyed the Gothic library which people used as a bomb shelter.
Protestant Augustinian Priory, Erfurt, Thuringia
The main entrance

It became a death trap for 267 of them. Also other buildings were flattened or damaged.
A non profit organization has been established who wants not only maintain the "Augustinerkloster" - they also want rebuilt all the destroyed structures.

Protestant Augustinian Priory, Erfurt, Thuringia
Destroyed during WWII
Protestant Augustinian Priory, Erfurt, Thuringia
On our tour

Protestant Augustinian Priory, Erfurt, Thuringia
Protestant Augustinian Priory, Erfurt, Thuringia

The Renaissance Court seems to be a great place to relax or meditate. Unfortunately our tour guide was pushing us too fast through all that and not everybody had a chance to ask questions.
I believe it is a good advise to stay over night here instead in an hotel if you want to see and understand everything. About 800 years of history can not be covered in one hour!

View on the cloister and the "Kreuzhof". Signs ask the visitors to remain quiet and not to talk in this area. It was used by the monks for meditation, studying and also processions. By asking for quietness I was a little bit surprised that the cloister is used for concerts.
In medieval times the "Kreuzhof" was used as a burial ground for the members of the convent.

Protestant Augustinian Priory, Erfurt, Thuringia
The "Kreuzhof" seen from the cloister

Erfurt Thuringia (Thüringen) some impressions- einige Impressionen

Thuringia, wining and dining - a guide

Werbung in unserem englischen Internet-Reiseführer für Thüringen, Advertise in our Internet travel guides.

The Bertholdsburg in Schleusingen host an interesting museum, Thuringia

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