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Thuringia, Germany

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Thuringia tourist destination in Germany

A sightseeing tour through Arnstadt, Thuringia
Pictures and information provided by Casey Mundy

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A bird's eye view of the miniature representation of the castle

A look at one of the many charming and winding cobble stone streets

The towers atop of Liebfrauenkirche- the left tower represents the Gothic style of architecture, while the right is the older one and is Romanesque.

The Liebfrauenkirche

The Liebfrauenkirche

The Liebfrauenkirche

The rear view of the Bach church and the town fountain.

The most photographed and famous view in Arnstadt- the old church between the newer Baroque style buildings creates quite the contrast!

More pictures from Casey Mundy from Arnstadt in Thuringia.

Thank you Casey for the wonderful pictures and motivation which you showed by promoting beautiful Arnstadt in Thuringia.
Before the reunification of Germany Thuringia was part of the "GDR" (German Democratic Republic). During my visits to former East Germany I was always impressed how fast the really run down infrastructure has been improved.
I hope after Casey has returned back to Canada that she will get a chance to promote our country also by showing its beauty and making people to come.
Yellow pages are an excellent measure to help people to find services, but they should not be miss used as a tourist or travel guide.

Watch the video: Impressions of the Ilmkreis Ilm Region), Thuringia, Thüringen

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