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Your Travel Guide for Bavaria - Germany
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German flag, tourist guide for Bavaria, Germany, tourism
Explore the Amberg-Sulzbach Region
Upper Palatinate, Bavaria
Germany, Tourism, Travel Guide
Bavaria, tourism, travel guide

Map of the Amberg Region:

Coat of arms Amberg region

I was born in Nuremberg and studied there. I always loved to travel - even when I only owned a moped and later a motor scooter.
The Amberg-Sulzbach Region became already at this time a favorite destination for me.
No wonder that I dragged Elizabeth in this area which offers many attractions and activities for both young and young at heart. It is nestled in the geographical heart of Bavaria.
Whether you like hiking or biking, horseback riding, canoeing, golfing, climbing or even skiing in the summer you will find all that and much more in this lovely area. Discover the forests and the romantic valleys of the "Vils" and the "Lauterach", two creeks.
Have a pass on for old castles, some of them ruins, you can spend days seeing them. There are over 60 waiting for you.
The "Obere Schloss" in Schmidmühlen

Look-out Roedlas - many thanks to "Bebbe" and Wikipedia
This tower looked to me like one of the old bunkers which had been built during WWII and were converted in a tourist attraction.
We found it close to Rödlas which is part of the little town Hirschau.
As usual I was forced to do some hiking in this part of the Amberg Region when we found this unusual monument.
Elizabeth the skinny bundle full of energy climbed to the top - I did not make it so far.
Driving all the way from Zorneding, lots of previous sightseeing and not having had a proper meal yet had weakened me.
I told this Elizabeth and she had mercy with me and after we were back to our car we stooped after a short drive for a Brotzeit with cold cuts and a beer for me and some local baked specialities with coffee for Elizabeth.
Everything was very good but slightly different to what we got in Upper Bavaria.
People also spoke again a different dialect than there or in Swabia.

Monte Kaolino at Hirschau - many thanks to "Oxensepp" and Wikipedia

Curious about summer skiing where no Alpine mountains are found? Just visit a village called "Hirschau" and ask for the mountain "Monte Kaolino". You can rent the required equipment and you will also find a ski lift.
As you can see you will not ski on snow or artificial snow - it is quartz sand! The "mountain" has only a hight of about 120 m (about 390 feet). I don;t think that you can hurt yourself even when you are not a trained skier.
As far as I know the mountain is now adjacent to a little park which offer some more activities.
Try it. I tried and enjoyed para sailing in Jamaica why not skiing on sand?
Monte Kaolino

When we came to Hahnbach we discovered the monument below. We both agreed that this monument shows a bicycle thieve.
When we asked people why they put up such a monument we were told that it is called "Radleräger-Denkmal" and was erected in 1994 because the main road has been in such a bad condition that everybody using a bicycle had to carry it.
A proof that the people of Hahnbach like to have fun.
I showed Elizabeth the sign at the side which explained this too, but she cannot read German too well.

A eye catching monument in Hahnbach - many thanks to "Oxensepp" and Wikipedia

The "Maximiliansgrotte" a well known cave
The Upper Palatinate is becoming more and more attractive to tourists. If you love to explore caves visit the "Maximiliansgrotte" and the "Osterhöhle" The first one is close to Auerbach the other one close to Neukirchen.
Elizabeth does not feel comfortable in caves so we did not go there, but I had seen them years ago.
This area was know in medieval times for steel making. It was a booming industry at this time. Visit the "Bergbau- und Industriemuseum Ostbayern".
It is located in the "Hammerherrenschloss" in Kümmersbruck - Theuern.

When I was child i tried fishing when we had to live on a remote country side. I even caught occasionally a small fish and my mom had to prepare it for me.
Then I gave it up with exception of tying ice fishing on Lake Nipissing in Ontario which was fun.
Elizabeth always loved to eat fish. I removed it from my favorite meals after a bad experience. But still I make some exceptions, such as "Steckerlfisch", skinned and boneless sardines in olive oil from Portugal and cot in Newfoundland.
In Germany I also loved smoked trout.
I am sure if your love to fish that you can do that here, but please ask for a license and the applicable regulations first.
Fishing at Schmidmühlen

Some of our Canadian friends love biking and one even brought his bike with him. I think it's more convenient to rent one and explore the country on the well kept bicycle paths. Stop at one of the beer gardens and have some refreshments.
There are always some small festivals or events going on and your participation is always welcome and not having a car with you may be a good idea when you love to have more than one beer.
If you want to explore the region on the back of a horse, ask at a local tourism office for details.

Many thanks for some of the pictures to the Tourist Board of Bavaria and involved communities

Let's Go to Bavaria

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