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Little Friends
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All guests of the Rockview Camp got little visitors and most of them, including us, were pleased.
We soon became friends with all the chipmunks and even recognized a few of them, like "Stumpy" who had lost most of his tail.
They never became tired to beg for peanuts which they carried away and stored them somewhere for winter.

Cottage vacations, Lake Nipissing, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

The chipmunks did not only climb up your legs, they jumped at you to get attention and peanuts with shelves.

Cottage vacations, Lake Nipissing, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Cottage vacations, Lake Nipissing, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

After a few hours they knew us and were not shy any longer.
Patiently, they waited until we opened the door of our cottage in the morning.
We also got special attention during lunch or dinner, which we always had on the picnic table in front of our cottage.
They even allowed us to touch them for a short time.
They never left any mess behind them - they did their business in the forest.
They jumped on the table, inspected what we were eating and discovered immediately their peanuts.

We learned very fast,that they did not leave us with only one or two peanuts. They stuffed them into their mouth until their cheeks were filled up, the last peanut they were holding with their teeth.
Only then they left.
We never were able to find the places were they were hiding all the bags of peanuts which we had purchased for them.
Naturally, there were also other animals who loved peanuts - squirrels. They were not very friendly to the little chipmunks. They chased them and were hoping that they lost some of the peanuts.
They never came to our table, but we fed them too until they were attacking our little friendly visitors.
Cottage vacations, Lake Nipissing, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

We were a little bit disappointed after we had learned that these little cute animals can also be unfriendly and jealous.
Whenever a certain visitor - Stumpy with the shortened tail - appeared he was chased away by the squirrels.
But he did not give up and came back to receive an extra treatment.

Cottage vacations, Lake Nipissing, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Cottage vacations, Lake Nipissing, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

The typical position to be successful in getting peanuts.
Who can resist?

The daughter of one visitor left a big bag of peanuts behind her with the order to feed them to her friends. Another girl had sent a five dollar bill I was told.
I have no doubts that all orders were properly processed by André and Susanne.
The cat from our host was always kept in the house.
André told us that she would not survive because of other wild animals.
We believe that, because when we came back the colony of chipmunks had been badly reduced by a predator.

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