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Vacation in a cottage - boat tour on Lake Nipissing
Tourism, Ontario, Travel Guide

cottage, vacations, boating, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Some of these boats belong to guests - but no problem to rent a boat

Lake Nipissing covers an area of 829 km². The lake is very shallow.
The average depth is 4.5 m. The deepest spot was measured with 52 m.
This means that boaters must be careful not to damage their boat, but for swimmers it is an advantage the lake warms up very fast.

cottage, vacations, boating, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
"Our" boat for the tour

cottage, vacations, boating, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Elizabeth still without life west

During our first visit André offered us on an afternoon a trip with one of his motor boats
André knew the lake, but he always watched the bathometer when we were in certain areas.
Sometimes the depth was below 2 m and hidden rocks could easily cause expensive damage to the boat. For that reason everybody had to wear a life west. This is regulation which you must obey.
We did not race and all the water birds appreciated that and did not fly away.
At this time I was still using my first digital camera which did not have good zoom. So I cannot show reasonable images of these encounters.
We passed some islands and we thought they are uninhabited. André told us that some people did not built their houses that everybody can see them. I remembered the story when an US movie star complained about all the boaters who disturbed her privacy on another lake.
I think we were just lucky when we landed at the other cottage resort with a small boat at an island to go swimming and to pick wild raspberries.
Please ask always before you do a boat trip on your own that you do not make the same mistake. To get sued by a movie star can be expensive.

cottage, vacations, boating, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

cottage, vacations, boating, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

Many of these houses are insulated and can be used all year long.
Lake Nipissing is well known for ice fishing. We tried it also for one day. Visit our web site about this little adventure.
Some of our friends want to retire in a winterized cottage. The only problem I can see that in very remote areas the medical care system may not be as good as in a populated region.
I believe it is a dream of many Europeans to live a simple life surrounded by nature.

cottage, vacations, boating, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
A nice retreat

cottage, vacations, boating, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

We had enjoyed our first getaway at Rockview Camp so much that we decided to come here more often. We did that. We even tried ice fishing.
During one visit we had Elizabeth's parents with us. Both were already over 80 years old and we all enjoyed it. Due to the good experiences we came again in September.
We were pleased about that and Elizabeth's parents were also excited. Her mom never wanted to travel, so her husband went always with a relative on many trips. Now she enjoyed it to be away for a short time.
As a highlight for the parents of Elizabeth, we had planned a boat tour, because we liked the first one so much.
We use one of his new boats with a 40 hp outboard engine.
I found that quite sufficient, although of course some people had to show that they had much faster boats.
But we wanted to see something and not scare away the birds or annoy the anglers.
In addition, you should drive slowly near the shore to avoid damage and also not to endanger swimmers.
We started our tour in the late afternoon and it was still very hot. The water was nice and warm. We had gone swimming before.
There was no storm warning - otherwise André would not have gone with his precious freight.

cottage, vacations, boating, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
This time it was still very hot

Elizabeth's parents enjoyed every minute of northern Ontario. Obviously, they immediately shared our love for this not-so-hectic world of nature and pure air.
We were glad that we did not start alone. André; headed for an island where an eagle couple nests. We even saw one fly away. Then he showed us the nest, high on a tree.
Unfortunately, at that time I still had my old digital camera, which had limited zooming capabilities and was very slow.
We stayed here for a while and waited for the eagles to come back - unfortunately without success.
We learned that this island can be bought for just over $ 100,000. Elizabeth and her mother liked the idea of having an own island. You can even have a power cable put through the lake.

cottage, vacations, boating, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Above the eagles nest

Then André steered our boat into the South River. Surely we would have missed that too. It is always good to have a local guide.
We did the same in Newfoundland and Labrador.
The ride on the river was an unforgettable experience. The temperature on the water was very pleasant. It was not so hot anymore and you could smell the fresh vegetation. Also the water was crystal clear and it was difficult to find the limit between the real trees and their mirror images in the water. It is not an exaggeration - I had never experienced anything like it.
I was surprised when André told us that there might leeches being waiting in the water for a victim. I always thought they prefer muddy water.

cottage, vacations, boating, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
On the South River

cottage, vacations, boating, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
On the South River

cottage, vacations, boating, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Elizabeth feeling cold

cottage, vacations, boating, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Not afraid of leeches?

cottage, vacations, boating, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

Sometimes hidden by the trees, we discovered again and again cottages or winter-proof houses.
Most of them had good access to the river.
André told us that some of them are available for rent.
I was surprised to hear that some of them are in German hands.
Obviously, the number of those who are withdrawing from the hustle and bustle of Europe and preferring a more intense life in nature with less income is increasing.
Unfortunately André and Susanne, for reasons unknown to me, has since sold her resort and we did not return, as we never received an answer from the owners. We visited instead Newfoundland-Labrador as well as Thuringia.
Now Ontario is again on my priority list - but Elizabeth must recover first!

cottage, vacations, boating, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
A blue heron

Can you find the "Blue Heron" in the picture? He is on the right. When he flew off we were amazed of the size of this majestic water bird.
Do not forget to bring your video camera!
For all of us, this trip to the South River was the highlight of this boat trip.
We stayed here until the sun began to set.
It quickly became cool. The hot and humid nights of southern Italy are not known here. It is very pleasant to sleep. You can leave the window open and you do not need air conditioning.

cottage, vacations, boating, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
On our way back

Think you know North Bay?

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City of North Bay - Intro to Downtown Waterfront Master Plan

North Bay, Ontario - GoPro - Saturday Feb. 4/ 2012

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