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Activities in a Cottage Resort - what to do?
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Travel guide for Ontario

Naturally, the first thing you want to do is to relax after you have unloaded your car.
Usually, after that was done I went to the beach and recovered in the clean water during our summer trips.
In the Rockview Camp, Elizabeth, my wife, always greeted first her little friends - the chipmunks.
She always made me stop to buy peanuts for them, but we never got enough.
We normally arrived in the late afternoon and went to the little convenience store, got something cold to drink (no alcohol) or an ice cream.
We checked the boats which you can rent and relaxed when using the outdoor barbecue to prepare our dinner. We went shopping before, because we knew that you can only get essentials at the camp.
We wanted to be outside as much as possible. Depending of the season - do not forget to bring some repellant against all the mosquitoes and black flies which want to eat you alive.
When sleeping we kept all the windows open. Screens protected us against the bloodthirsty flying beasts. Be careful when opening the door to the cottage, they know their way to the feeding places.

Cottage vacations, Lake Nipissing, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Sunset at Lake Nipissing

Following the advice given to us, we drove to the near by village of Nipissing to do some sightseeing and to explore the museum.
When we arrived the doors were open and we entered.
Immediately we were greeted very friendly by Joe Steele. He was busy to pack away al the pieces of the exhibition.
I believe, if we would have asked him, he would have unpacked the most precious items.
Before retirement Joe worked for "Ontario Hydro", the largest supplier of electrical power in Ontario. He is part of the generation which built up our country.
We realized that he loves his new work and that he was very knowledgeable.
He even spoke a few words of German after he found out that I came from this country.
Cottage vacations, Lake Nipissing, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Joe and Elizabeth

In earlier days the museum was a church which was built din the 19 th. century using wooden logs.
We learned that once Nipissing had all chances to grow to a larger city. It could have taken the place of North Bay. I did not ask for all the reasons why the required investments were not done.
I loved the little Nipissing and thanks to Joe our visit was not wasted time.

Cottage vacations, Lake Nipissing, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Buying local honey

Besides maple syrup, honey is another well know Canadian product.
Andréé and Susanne, our friendly hosts, pointed this producer and his store out to us.
They offer not only different kinds of honey, but also products for which honey was used and articles made from bee's wax.
We were the only customers and everything was explained in detail. I never knew before that honey can be sued for furniture polish, for soap, for lip sticks, hand cream, to treat leather, to prepare chutney with honey and green tomatoes etc.
We were allowed to try lots of samples before we did our purchases.
We discovered little craft stores. Just keep your eyes open. It is fun to talk to the people and select some little gifts made by the local artists or craftsmen.

Cottage vacations, Lake Nipissing, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Elizabeth and her friend "Stumpy"

We always loved to stay in the Rockview Camp. No noise, only the rippling water and occasionally some birds.
Elizabeth's parents loved the peaceful atmosphere.
The water was clear and buoys protected the swimming area from other boats. It was absolutely save.
During an earlier trip we rented a small boat with a small engine. We had a great time, landed somewhere without damaging the boat and went swimming. We even made it safely back, but we did not go too far because none of us had any navigation skills.
Find out whether you need any licence now to do that.
If you do not want to rent a motorized boat, there were also kayaks, canoes and pedal boats available.
Never take any risk to damage a boat, you have to pay for that!
Don't forget to take your camera with you.

You can go out for dining. We found a very good restaurant in Callander.
The food was really excellent and I learned that many guest from the cottage resort come to this place when they do not want to do home cooking.
We only prepared breakfast or used the barbeque.
But it may become mandatory to go shopping. The little store in the camp offers only the most essential things.
If you want enjoy a beer or a glass of wine with your meal, you will not get it there. The laws in Ontario are very restrictive. You must go to a licensed liqueur or beer store.
The best selection of meats and other groceries you will find in North Bay.
You should also visit the tourist office there to get the most actual information. They are very friendly and helpful.
You would feel sorry, when you find out at home that you missed a certain event or a place to visit.

Elizabeth became a member of the "Swat Team"
North Bay was also the place where Elizabeth joined the "Swat Team".
We always had beautiful weather and the high season of the black flies was already over, but we both loved the T-shirt.
We would have loved to explore North Bay, but whenever we drove to this city we experienced heavy rain - not only when we came with Elizabeth's parents - always. During our ice fishing trip we stayed away. May be we would have faced a blizzard.
Please try you luck. North Bay offers certainly many thins to see and to explore, such as an interesting history.
Please send me some good pictures which I can use!
Naturally I will give you credit for them.

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Travel guide for Ontario

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