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A visit to the "Royal Botanical Gardens"Burlington/Hamilton, Ontario,tourism,. travel guide

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Royal Botanical Gardens, Ontario, Burlington, tourism, travel guide
Many thanks to Wikipedia.

As you can see in above map the garden complex is divided in various sections.
Elizabeth and the group were dropped off at the main entrance and they made the whole tour by walking.
If you come with your car you will find several parking areas.

Note: Actual information you can find at The official site

Many years ago we wanted to visit the "Royal Botanical Gardens" in Burlington on our own.
I cannot remember why we did not do it. It is an attraction for all nature lovers - especially for my wife Elizabeth.
She spends hours in our garden which is a refuge for many creatures. like skunks, raccoons and opossums. We do not live in the country but downtown Welland!
She does not use any longer all the still available weed killers after a few arguments with me.

Elizabeth, had to do the visit without me!!

She stayed after a severe surgery at her cousin and both decided to join a bus tour to these gardens. Both were exited about the tour which was not expensive.
This happened end of September and all shown pictures were taken by Elizabeth.
This website can naturally not replace an actual visit but it should encourage you to make your own experience. Each season will have other highlights.

This gate had been donated!.

My website and my simple slideshow follow what Elizabeth told me and not all the different sections of the gardens. What else can I do? I was not with them.
Elizabeth and many other participants of the tour loved to see the work of artists from all over the world. It was an excellent combination with nature and an attraction on its own.

Ichi Ikeda "Rooted Water"

Ichi Ikeda is an Japanese artist which shows that water is one of our most precious resources and that we must interact with it carefully.

Ichi Ikeda, seine Kunstwerke fügen sich harmonisch in die Landschaft ein.

Eye catching!

Ko, Seung-hyun Korea is known to display large Korean string instruments in public parks
As you can see he gets attention with his work.

A tree becomes a music instrument!

Art or nature?

This are only a few of the artistic displays. Elizabeth loved everything - not only all the plants. flowers and herbs.
I still cannot figure out why she does not love many of the herbs and spices in her food.

An old tree

Please reserve at least a whole afternoon for a visit of these gardens. when you are in this area.
Elizabeth was amazed about all the volunteers who are taking good care of this little paradise. If it would be closer to Welland she certainly would join that team.
I was feeling ashamed that I never came with her to this place knowing how much she loves gardens and working in them. Our cats gave her very often good company.

A part of the visitor group

After having used most of Elizabeth's pictures and her enthusiasm I intend to revisit the gardens with her. But first she must get healthy again and I hope I can do all the walking. It may be a torture despite using a Rollator.

What is Royal Botanical Gardens?

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