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Visit and explore Peterborough and surroundings
Tourism Region: "Kawarthas Northumberland"
Canada, Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide

Peterborough, Canada,Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Peterborough and surroundings - many thanks to MapArt

Peterborough in the Tourism Region: Kawarthas Northumberland

Peterborough is another interesting town on the "Trent-Severn Waterway".
This waterway connects Lake Ontario with the Georgian Bay in Lake Huron. To do a boat trip is still on my wish list and has a much higher priority than a cruise on one of the luxury cruise ships. But I believe it will be always one of my many dreams of exploring Canada. The waterway has a length of 390 km.
My first stay in Peterborough was when I was on a motorcycle trip to and from Quebec with my Kawasaki Katana.
I stayed in a clean motel and met a young couple with a heavy Goldwing and a trailer. I had never seen that in Europe! We preferred more "naked" bikes without radio, cruise control, and all the other bells and whistles. Maybe that has changed in the meantime. Certainly, a GPS would be a must now for me.
At this I felt in love with Peterborough and for that reason I came later back with my wife Elizabeth.

Peterborough, Canada,Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Der "Trent-Severn Waterway"

Peterborough, Canada,Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Die Schleuse in Peterborough - many thanks to "Motorbiker" and Wikipedia

I was really impressed when I saw this lock. I learned that it is a hydraulic boat lift with a lift of 19.8 m.
Don't' forget to spend some time in the visitor center. Many information about the history of the lock and the waterway are waiting for you. You also can learn how the lock works.
This lock became an "Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark".
Unfortunately, we did not ask how much they charge for using the lock. We do not have a boat and with a canoe you can easily bypass it if canoes are allowed at all on the canal.
Our intention is to attract you to Peterborough and show you certain things which you should explore more by yourself. No Internet travel guide will replace an actual visit!
Our alternative approach to attract visitors is different to the highly subsidized official websites which start with telling you that accommodations, restaurants are waiting for you. This was never a reason for me to visit any place in the world! It is a necessity and local people gave us very often the best advice where to stay or to eat.

Peterborough, Canada,Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Sieht gar nicht so hoch aus - many thanks to "Big iron" and Wikipedia

Peterborough, Canada,Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Lassen Sie sich die Funktion erklären - many thanks to "Sylfred1977" and Wikipedia

I want you to come here yourself. That is also the purpose of our Internet travel guide. We do not want to replace a current visit. Ich will ja, dass sie selbst hier her kommen. Das ist ja auch der Zweck von unserem Internet-Reiseführer. Wir wollen keinen aktuellen Besuch ersetzen.

Peterborough, Canada,Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Peterborough am "Otonabee River" - many thanks to "Jkentrandall" and Wikipedia

Peterborough has a population of about 75 000 what means that many things are offered here.
Just browse through the city and collect information about events and other things to visit.
Peterborough is also a starting point for cruises on the "Trent-Severn Waterway".
We will probably go on a small cruise when we come back. Other people may be more interested to visit the local market or to visit a sports event or one of the musical performances.
There is also no lack of accommodations and restaurants which can make Peterborough your headquarter for exploring the surroundings.
Don't miss to drive to the nearby Rice Lake. Follow the Trent River from this lake to the Bay of Quinte in Lake Ontario.
Go hiking.
Friends told us to visit the "Canoe Museum" in Peterborough. We had missed that and will gladly do that when we come back.
I always wanted to try a real canoe. From the heavy plastic kayaks I was a little bit disappointed. I never would carry such a thing through the bush on top of all the luggage which you need for an extensive boat tour.
Hopefully the museum is still offering the canoeing courses. Please watch the video below.
I am sure Elizabeth would be excited if I would surprise her with a canoe tour under the guidance of experts. She had lots of fun with her friends being active in dragon boat regattas in St. Catharines.
I am from Germany and I am used that people live in renovated houses which date back to the 15th century. You also see these heritage buildings still used by all kind of business and they add lots of flavor to the cities or villages.
The picture below is a reminder that Canada is part of the "New World" where houses like this are already a part of the history. We live also in a house which is over 100 years old and we and our cats love it.
Unfortunately, many nice heritage buildings are still being torn down or set on fire.

Peterborough, Canada,Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The "Cox Terrace" on Rubidge Street, from 1884 a "National Historic Site of Canada", many thanks to "Skeezix1000" and Wikipedia

The relatively small Trent Univeristy has gained a very good reputation in many countries. Please us the Internet to get actual information what is offered. I am a strong supporter to learn from each other. Almost every country offers things to learn or to avoid repeating mistakes already made there.

Peterborough, Canada,Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Die Trent University

Peterborough, Canada,Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Die Trent University

Top Five Things to Do in Peterborough, Ontario

Boating Through Peterborough Lift Lock - Sit Back Sunday GoPro Cruise

Peterborough, Ontario : THE UNDERATED CITY

Sehen Sie sich folgendes Video an: "Canoe - The Canadian Canoe Museum "

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