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Tips for Shopping in Ontario
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My personal impression is that everything which is older than fifty years is considered to be antique. That means I am antique too.
Naturally, nobody calls you antique - you are a senior. Sometimes already in the age of fifty - but the standard is over 65 years of age.
If you are a real senior take advantage of the discounts which are offered in many places - don't be ashamed!
Visit antique shows and other exhibitions - you may find something interesting.

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
Local artists display their work.

Normally you find a wide range of articles. In art shows local artists present their work - mostly paintings, but also other things.
We purchased some naive paintings from a local artist and still enjoy them. Mostly winter scenes because she had problems with painting trees with leaves.

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
Visit stores.

Certainly, you do not want to miss to explore also the near northern part of Ontario. We still wait to be able to go to the "Real North" of our province.
We always loved to visit areas which we could reach within a one day drive.
A good place to stay is in a cottage resort on a clear lake with a own beach. We did that and toured the surroundings and visited local stores.
Two times we visited a store which offered all kinds of honey products.
We always purchased gifts there.
Plan also little round trips through the surrounding area and visit local stores.

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
The honey store

Both of us were surprised for what honey can be used.

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
Honey products.

If you miss certain food after a few weeks. There are still some delicatessen stores which carry products imported from Europe. Surprise Canadian friends with European baked goods. Normally they are not so sweet as that what Tim Horton's or other chain stores offer. Some of them are operated by German pastry chefs.
Elizabeth got addicted to certain things in Germany and we are both glad to have such a place close to us.

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
German sweets displayed during a Christmas show.

Ontario is very proud of the wine which is produced here. International rewards have already be won. Very famous is the ice wine which is offered by several wineries.
I am not a well know wine judge, so please do not ask me for recommendations. Either I like it or not.
However< i recommend to go on a own little wine tour. You can do this in the Niagara region or in Pelee Island. Try the wine before you purchase it. I bought differnt wine from Ontario in liquor stores, some I liked others ended in the sink. I even did not &quout;improve&quout; it with mineral water. I had the water straight.
Many farmers changed from fruits, such as apples. peaches, pears etc. to grapes and they are facing problems now because the wineries are using imported grapes instead of local grown ones.
As I said I am just a normal uneducated user. and I do not know which grapes make a better wine. According to the advertising I should believe the local grown ones. I also believe that you can use grape juice and produce wine in Alaska.
Just go for wine tasting - it can be fun and you know what you get. There are certainly good local made wines available.

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
A winery.

Follow the "Wine Route" when you are in the Niagara Region. Collect information first.

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
Products shown in as smaller winery

More and more wineries have started to have also restaurants which offer fine dining. I never went there. Please send me your comments by e-mail what you experienced.
So far we bought only wine after trying it or chocolates filled with ice wine.
We know that Canadian wine is already being offered in Europe. Here you have the chance to try a much wider variety and bring some bottles back as unique gifts.

We will continue to add more ideas to this web site. There are many other things which are typical for Ontario or Canada. CBC, brings very often good movies on TV. If they are available as DVDs they will be an excellent purchase to take home, The same applies for certain literature.
Certainly wood carvings can be another souvenir. Carving became a hobby for many retirees. Look out for carved and painted birds. The are very decorative!

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide

Some of our visitors from Europe found in such places things which they took back. Stop at such places if you are interested.

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
People love things like that!

Many Canadians are cat lovers. my wife, Elizabeth, is one of them. She volunteers for an association who spays and neuters feral and straying cats as a birth control measure. I am still waiting for birth control pills for cats.
Elizabeth has decorated our whole house to demonstrate her love to cats.
Whenever, we visited Germany, we purchased gifts for our three cats. They loved German cat food, such as duck.
Also our visitors bring special gift for our cats and Elizabeth. A cup which say that everything tastes better with cat hair in it, floor mats with cat motives created by an artists and matching napkins which nobody is allowed to use.
May this inspires you what to get for animal lovers at home.

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
In the honey store.

Another natural product which is typical for Canada, especially for Ontario and Quebec, is maple syrup.
The required sap will be harvested in March. Many farms offer guided tours during which you will learn how maple syrup is produced.
We participated in such a tour and you will find a web site about this little adventure in our Internet travel guide.
Naturally, you can try various products made with maple syrup and the organizers hope that you will purchase some.
Besides the syrup which comes in different grades, there are candies, sausage with maple syrup flavor and other products.
The syrup can be purchased also stores all year long.
Please buy the syrup in glasses or in plastic bottles. Avoid tins even when they are eye catching. We had bad experiences with those.
After having opened the bottle keep it in the fridge!

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
Maple syrup.

Visit some of the big shopping malls. Especially when it is hot and humid. They are air conditioned. Toronto offers underground shopping - do not miss that. This is a real please during winter.
Really exclusive articles are not everywhere available. check advertising in larger cities or in places which are well known tourist attractions, such as Niagara Falls.
A new casino has been built in Niagara Falls and even when you do not love to gamble it is a real attraction. You have a marvelous view on the falls and it offers a shopping alley with good restaurants.

/ontario_einkaufen10.jpg" width="640" height="471" alt="Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide" title="" />
Shopping in the new Niagara Falls casino.

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
A winery.

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
Another winery.

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
in a larger winery.

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
The entrance to a restaurant at a winery.

Crafts and art work of the native people from North America

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