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Tips for Shopping in Ontario
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We believe that everybody who visits Ontario as a tourist will enjoy shopping to take something home - either as a gift for friends, as a souvenir or because he gets a bargain.
Our intention is not to replace the yellow pages. That is not the purpose of our travel guide. We want to attract visitors to our beautiful province.
Being from Germany, I will only show a few things which may attract Europeans and visitors from overseas. Certainly Canadians and Americans already know what is being offered in Ontario. I hope our shopping tips will help you.
Whenever, you purchase something which you want to take home - please keep all the receipts. You can claim a tax return when you leave our country! Get the respective actual information when you arrive.
We had visitors from Germany who purchased a full size, VIP equipped van here or took back computer equipment. Others purchased in Toronto in a good store Swiss made watches. I will not comment on this. You must make the decision.
We only show you what you should see during your holidays and what we think should be considered to be taken home to remember your time in our province or to make friends happy.
Naturally, many things which are offered here are imported. You may find the same articles in many countries. Please be always careful - especially when you purchase souvenirs. Many of them are not made here! this applies even for some "Native Art".

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
A good store in Ohsweken

If you are interested in arts or crafts from our aboriginal people, we recommend to visit a good and renowned store or a reservation, such as Ohsweken.
In Ohsweken you may even be able to buy crafts directly from the producer. Just explore the township!
We have included Ohsweken in our Internet travel guide. Please check this site. Do not expect a romantic settlement with tipis, campfires with Indians sitting around them and smoking pipes - you will find instead a very clean modern settlement.
However, you will find information and stores which sell articles made by the natives. You can also cigarettes and tobacco for less money.
Visit Ohsweken.

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
Moccasins in the well know store in Ohsweken, a reservation. We always bought some!
Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
If you are a member in a " Western Club" or are interested in hand made native clothing visit such a store.

Something special.
Ask for the meaning of dream catchers

In Jordan you will find one of the goods stores which sells art made by our natives.

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
A well known gallery in Jordan

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
Don't rush, there is so much to see!

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
Stroll through the exhibition and ...
Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
...don't rush!

If you are really interested in our natives you should visit one of their events. Best known are Powwows. Browse through our Internet travel guide - we habe visited events as well as historical places in Ontario.
We tried there some original food and also purchased practical items after having talked to the people who made them.

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
During a Pow Wow in Fort Erie this lady made moccasins.

Elizabeth, my wife, is the perfect shopper and consumer. Going shopping is fun and entertainment for her. The only downside is we do not have enough spending money.
for that reason she often has hide this fact or to find an excuse if we have to leave a store without a purchase.
This happened also here on a tour when during very brief vacations in a cottage resort at Lake Nipissing.

Unfortunately this business does not exist any longer.

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
Unfortunately, I could not make Elizabeth happy.

We loved to go to this place in Dunnville. We felt really bad when it closed. We always enjoyed it there.
It was a mixture of an indoor flea market, and a coffee shop with live entertainment.

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
Even I found some little treasures there.

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
You could spend hours browsing through the store.

The same can happen when you stop at a "Garage Sale" or a "Yard Sale". We got some books which you could not find any longer in bookstores, dishes for our cats and other unique items.

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
A "Yard Sale" in Welland

Ontario, shopping, tourism, travel guide
A "Yard Sale" in Welland

Even when you cannot find anything, a visit can always be a little pleasure when you talk to the sellers or other visitors.
Be aware that no taxes a charged. Sometimes the government is really generous. This does not apply to used cars and motorcycles. Here he wants to have a big share. This makes it impossible for me to understand why our provincial government will give a grant to everybody who buys a certain "electrical powered car" and id not even built in Canada. I think the money could be spend much better to create new jobs in new technologies in our country.

Crafts and art work of the native people from North America

Between the Lines, Weingut - klein aber fein, a small winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Wo kommt der Ahornsirup her? A tour through the Sugar Bush

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Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, Burlington, Ontario, Kanada, Canada

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