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Impressions of Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide

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Ontario is much larger than Germany where I am from - about 3 times the size! Only the water area covers almost 50% of the area of Germany. For that reason it is not a surprise that we have not seen all of Ontario. This is a problem of money and time and we are getting older too.
However, we have some plans!

Impressions of Ontario, tourism, travel guide
In the "Near North" we always had a good time.

Impressions of Ontario, tourism, travel guide
In the "Near North"

We can reach this area in a day trip. An extended long weekend gave us enough time to go there and enjoy the clean air and the beautiful nature.
Please us the installed links to learn what we have seen and experienced.

Impressions of Ontario, tourism, travel guide
What a surprise - a German restaurant - naturally I ordered Schnitzel

Long vacations will end fast. Our short trips even faster.
We had to go back. We could not ask our friends to take too long care of our cats, Elizabeth had to go back to work and her mom needed her also.
When we approached Toronto on our way back we realized very fast how bad the air was compared to the "Near North".
Luckily, you get used to it and do not smell it any longer after a certain time.
Please do not use this as an excuse not to spend some time in Toronto and its surrounding area. There is so much to see and to do. It is really a great city.
The official web sites show everything - ours only a few attractions which our guests liked. We have to add more things to ours.
Impressions of Ontario, tourism, travel guide
A sunset somewhere in southern Ontario

The underground shopping center is certainly something new for many visitors. When I came to Canada it was something which I never had seen in this size.
The impressing architecture added a special flavor.
Especially during winter when an ice cold wind was blowing outside it was a good refuge. Outside I could see hardly anybody, but the underground was crowded.
We have to go back to make more actual pictures.
The company Eaton does not exist any longer. It was a department store which offered higher priced quality products. However, the "Eaton Centre" is still a world wide known landmark of Toronto. You can find today in many cities similar buildings - even in Europe.

Impressions of Ontario, tourism, travel guide
You have access to the "underground" from her - the "Eaton Centre"

The "CN-Tower" is another attraction which you should preferable visit when the weather is good. The following pictures were taken in 2009.
If you are not afraid walk on the glass floor. So far it never broke and nobody dropped down. In an airplane you are much higher above ground!

Impressions of Ontario, tourism, travel guide
A view from the "CN Tower"

Impressions of Ontario, tourism, travel guide
A view from the "CN Tower"

Impressions of Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Chinatown in Toronto

We had visited the "African Lion Safari Park" a few time with our guests. It is not cheap, but we got always the impression that all the animals are treated very well there and can free during summer.
You will find this park between Hamilton, Cambridge und Kitchener. I will prepare an English variant of our German site
You can drive through the park in you own car or join a bus tour through it. Please obey all the posted safety warnings.
You never know hen a lion or a tiger suddenly gets appetite for fresh meat!

Impressions of Ontario, tourism, travel guide
These elephants enjoy their bath after hard work in the African Lion Safari Park

Impressions of Ontario, tourism, travel guide
As you can see the animals are used to visitors

Impressions of Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The monkeys are even waiting for them

They enjoy it when you come in your own or a rental car. They jump on it to get a free ride and try to collect windshield wipers, mirrors and old fashioned antennas.
This is the reason why many people prefer to use the bus. You must pay extra for that but a tour guide provides many helpful information about all the animals.

Impressions of Ontario, tourism, travel guide
On Lake Ontario at Oakville

Impressions of Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Visit the "Royal Botanical Gardens" between Oakville and Burlington

Impressions of Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Our garden at home

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Watch our video: "Ontario, Werben Sie bei uns. Advertise in our Internet travel guides"

Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, Burlington, Ontario, Kanada, Canada

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Happy Rolph's, St,Catharines, Ontario, Streichelzoo, petting farm, picnic area, Tourismus

Ball's Falls, conservation area, close to Jordan, Ontario, Canada

Niagara Falls, Floral Showhouse, Tourismus

Point Pelee National Park in Southern Ontario

Port Dover, Ontario, Canada, impressions of various visits, tourism

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Watch the video: Susan's accommodations, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Wo kommt der Ahornsirup her? A tour through the Sugar Bush

Once upon a time Fort Erie was host to many exciting events such as "Edinburgh 1745", the battle of the Jakobites against the English.

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Fenwick Train Show, get inspired for a new hobby

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Some impressions from Lake Erie, tourism

Between the Lines, Weingut - klein aber fein, a small winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake

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Watch the video: A few impressions of the annual Mariners Celebration in Port Colborne, Ontario

Visit Discovery Harbour in Penetanguishene at the Georgian Bay in Ontario

Sainte-Marie among the Hurons

Huron Quendat Village, Midland, Ontario, Kanada, Canada

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